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O/T Oooooo I'm excited!

Well, I've had a crappy week of worries. I decided to give my boss an ultimatum. Pay me the going rate as a self employed person otherwise I leave and do not do your accounts, full stop! I comfort ate alot whilst standing my ground! oooops lol

After him doing his ding dong for a bit, he came to his senses and I am leaving to be self employed and getting the going rate for a legal accountant! VICTORY :D:D

That's not why I'm excited though, I have finally got my first appointment to see a plastic surgeon through the nhs about my breasts! First step in a long process, but I thought I was going to wait about 4 months and it's come through for a months time!! I really, really do not want the breasts of a 70 year old anymore, I'm 26!! :(

K xx
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Thats excellent news Kerry well done!! :)


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Im 24 and have another 2stone to loose, I have decided to have surgery after I get to target, as I have loose skin on my stomach and breasts, are you having augmentation or implants?

Hi Anna, I had planned to ask for a mastopexy (uplift) alone, but the more weight I've lost my breasts have become non-existent so I am planning to request a mastopexy with implants. I'm not going to get my hopes up as I know the NHS are reluctant to fund these sort of procedures. I know I fit the physical criteria (ie, sagging measurements and skin pull), however you have to be assessed by a psychologist and then the report is passed to funding to be approved. It's a long shot but worth it as I can't afford the surgery :( Although, should they refuse funding, by hook or by crook I shall find the money!! :D

I also have loose skin on my arms and stomach, but I can work on them. You should do ab exercises daily. If you build the muscle the sking will cling to it and improve the look. I am starting to see a difference with perseverence :D


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I do little exercise but i think that I had such a big stomach to begin with and now have a deflated muffin top, more exercise would improve it but wont ever get rid of it completely. I dont really know much about which surgery would suit me best but I do want to go back to at least the size I was before I lost the weight, they still look big in a bra but most of it is skin and wrinkles and im thinking if I just had implant to fill it all in I may not need them to be uplifted, Does that make sense? sorry to ramble on I just get so excited thinking about it! :0) Like you said im 24 and I dont wanna have the breast of an old lady :0( Lol

It's possible to get just implants if they're not too bad. It depends if your skin is completely detached from the fat. The way I understand it is they have to make an internal pocket for the implants and that cannot be entirely at the surface, if that makes sense? lol

You should google mastopexy. There are loads of informative sites which will help you make a more informed decision. That's what I did so I know exactly what I may be letting myself in for. The scarring is worse with a mastopexy, but I would rather that than wrinkly old carrier bags! :D

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