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o/t poll cos Im nosy!

Ria C

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Ive always wanted to cut my hair shorter(its about bra length at the moment) but kept telling myself that I'll do it once Im at goal..I think I use my hair to hide behind..not literally(!) I mean I make an effort with it so that people notice the colour,curls etc rather than my fat..

I was just wondering what style you guys have your hair in at the moment..Im just nosy! :D
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I've just had mine cut into an ear length bob. I love it! It's so easy to look after, I dont even have to blow dry it if I dont want to.:)


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Hey - I've been asking myself the same question. I've got very long wavy very dark brown hair (feel the need to say that I'm wearing a very blonde wig in my avatar pic, it was carnival night and we were doing 'Grease') and I've been promising myself a good old cut and to 'reinvent' myself when I get to goal (which is over two stones away at the moment)


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i'd get to a really good hairdresser and ask them their opinion and then leave yourself in their capable hands! Go for the senior stylist or manager as their are more likely to have lots of experience!
I'm off to the hairdressers next week hopefully....desperate to get my hair cut as its grown too long....i usually have a striaght jaw length bob....it suits the job i do!


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I had really long hair, took the plunge and had a graduated bob. I get fed up having to do it all the time. Cant wait to stick it in a bobble lol
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I had a graduated bob at one point and it drove me crazy not being able to shove it up in a bobble. I prefer my hair long, but not too long as it's quite thin.
Long bobs always look nice I think and suit everyone.


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Mine's a bit of a mess when I do it myself - its long layers to chin length then probably shoulder length. See pix in album. Hairdresser has magic ability to make it look nice.

Once upon a time i went from bra strap length to a number 2 cut in one hit. Tragic. it was with good reason but the only thing I liked about it was the fact I didn't have to buy shampoo - just washed it with soap!

I decided I was going to grow it long one last time before I hit 40 and then its all coming off - short funky crop, but not the razor like last time!


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I have very thick, very long dark hair - it's waist length at the moment.

My husband loves long hair on women (he is bald, so I think there may be a touch of hair envy ;) )

He really doesn't want me to cut it off. But it takes FOREVER to dry and straighten.

Also, I am 35 next month. How old can I get away with long hair for before I start looking like a witch?


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Liz - I want your Jimmy Choos!!!

My hair is currently about 5 inches of my normal colour (dark blonde) at the roots then the rest is dyed blonde and so so long at the moment, luckily I'm having it styled this Friday, complete re-style oooh scary!!! I'm gonna have at least 6 - 7 inches cut off, just need to decide on actual length, fringe or not, side or centre parting & layers or not!

I will share some before and after photos of me after this weekend :)
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My hair is the longest it's been in ages at the moment but that's because I decided when I started this diet that I wouldn't have my hair cut until I had hit my target weight.
I figure that my face shape is going to change so in letting it get long it gives me more options for hairstyles to suit my new face shape!:D


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hi i had long brown hair till march then looked soo fat i had it permed, which really suited at the time now ive lost 3st 11lb since then and treated myself to a new style, let my stylist do what he thought, he cut it into a bob to cut the curl out and died it dark brown with a clonde section across the fringe and under the sides, will be adding pics soon, i feel amazing the cut was away of getting rid of that hide-away feeling and my confidence is coming out more by the day, xxx


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I never have the same style! I am a huge fan of clip in hair extensions and clip on ponytails! Currently I naturally have a dark brown bob with an asymmetric fringe.

My hair is currently like in the pic but with a fringe as I am wearing my clip ins again hehe! Master of disguise I am! x

lunar jim

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Haircuts: I've done 'em:

Long, twice. Shaved bald at the sides... Once I had a #1 on the sides with tramlines in.

Dreadlocks once!

#2 all over once, looked stupid because of my weight, and I had a huge lump on my head from when I got clobbered with a brick one time (which I've had removed now).

Centre parted: OMG

Scissor cut back and sides, longer on the top with a blonde shoeshine (you can see this in one of the racing photos)

I now have a #3 back and sides and longer on the top as you can see in my recent pics. Much neater, but I tend to leave it ages between cuts so it gets a bit (unintentionally) whacky. I spike it up a bit so when my hair touches the roof lining of the car I know it's time to get it cut.
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I have quite long hair at the moment. I hated it when I got it cut short I have a round face so it made my face look rounder. I have just had a fringe cut in and I really like it . Might go a little bit blonder when I am at goal..not to sure yet lol!


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yes go blonder ! summers here, slap on abit of fake tan and go nice and blonde with highlights, you have got beautiful hair and look great so go on treat yourself!


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so spooky, I was just thinking about this yesterday when I posted some pictures to my album and my hair isn't the same on any of them!
mine is chin length bob type streaked thingy, looks ok .... I'd love a bleachy blonde or red pixie cut though (onlyme) but I have quite a long face


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