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O/T Poorly doggy

Its a she!!! LOL Poor Boo, worms and mistaken identity LOL

Thank you! .. the woman at the vets didnt seem too worried, infact, she even asked me if i'd like to give her the pill myself, and i was like er-no :) LOl

so. i shall take a read now.. thank you!


Mad as a Hatter
What makes you think that your doggie has worms - have you found any ?

My vet advocates worming every 3 months and we have never had any problems with our dog or cat...

I'm sure that it is easily treated with a tablet...

Hope you get the answer you need...

haha, she forgives you!

Shes rubbing her ass all over the floor and moping around, shes winging for no apparent reason and has been crapping non stop, as if she has no control anymore, and was subsequently sick after what i suspect to be the cause - cat poo. Lush.

Dont understand what posesses animals to try and eat other animals poo! im usually straight on teh case, but shes a sneaky bugger.

yesterday our electric went out,a nd after half an hour of our neighbor trying to figure it out, it turned out boo had chewed through a wire, luckily not harming herself.. but this is SO unlike her, shes usually a very good, well behaved dog, that ignores anything that isnt food.. and shes never distructive! ah, could have had fried sausage for tea :eek:
I worm my dogs every three months. You can now get a product called Advocate that treats worms & fleas and is just a quick & easy drop that you apply to the back of their neck. You can pick it up at the vets and it's much easier than trying to persuade them to eat tablets (mine always manage to eat the ham or cheese the tablet is in and then spit the tablet out!). Hope Boo gets better soon.


Mad as a Hatter
Just had a thought .... the ass rubbing may be relating to their scent glands which are either side of their bottom - sorry if this is TMI - and these can get blocked.
If it is this, then your vet will need to drain them for you - not a pretty job for you to have to do...

Hope it is simply worms !!!


Took little Boo to vets, and saw the nurse as we thought it'd be standard worming shizzle..

Turns out Boos bellys quite poorly, her guts are all liquidy and had to ahve an injection, some other medicine and some tablets which we have to continue over the next few days AND special food..

:( poor boo, and turn sout the scratching of the bum, was because shed accidently got poo stuck to her bum. LOL usually catch this one out but didnt even think to look.. xxx
Awww poor Boo! At least you spotted it early enough to do something about it Hun.
I hope she gets back to herself soon.
Ah, shes barking away as we speak! LOl.

Shes been a bit mopey and constantly crying since tuesday, BUT she is getting back to normal, we finish the food and the tabs tomorrow, so :) shes getting there, fingers x'd no more tummy upsets! gotta keep a closer eye on her .. xxx

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