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O/T really worried


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my dad had a knee operation yesterday (not a GA, just an epidural) and everything went really well.

but this afternoon his blood pressure feel dramatically and the staff were quite worried about him. i've phoned him twice today and he's been really dozy and slurring his words too :cool:

tonight when my mum visited him he kept falling asleep, and the nurses said it was to do with the morphine on top of all his other tablets (he's on 36 painkillers a day due to a previous broken back).

then when my mum went to say goodbye, she couldn't wake him up :eek: she said she was shaking him and pinching his ears and nothing - he seemed to be breathing fine though. she called the doctor over who couldn't wake him either, then asked my mum how long he'd been like it.. she said she didn't know because he'd been asleep for about an hour.

the doctor shook dad really hard and finally managed to rouse him, but he fell straight back to sleep again. then he woke him again and he spoke to mum and fell back to sleep AGAIN :eek:

the doctor said it's probably a reaction to the morphine (i think they're stopping the morphine now!) and they're going to keep an eye on him.

i'm so so worried though :( i'm going to visit him tomorrow morning... i don't think i'm going to sleep very well tonight though :cry:

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I'm thinking of you. I'm sure he will be okay. My dads had 2 hip ops and he was given liquid morphine to take at home. He took the wrong dosage and didn't wake up til nearly 24 hours later. He didn't even tell me cus he felt so stupid. So please don't worry xx


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as a nurse i can tell you some people have very strange reactions to Morphine that are usually unpredictable. With any luck he will be more awake in the morning and hopefully has had a longish period without pain. Bug hugs xx


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eaiser said than done but, try not to worry and get sleep tonight

will keep you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers


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thanks ladies - he's just phoned!!! he's fine :D but in a lot of pain as they've mde the decision to stop the morphine completely now.

he's absolutely awake and fine, and even remembered to ask us to put the bins out :D LOL

oh, i'm so relieved!!! xx


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I'm so happy your dad is alright Beki even though he is in pain, what a relief for you all, sleep well now. X


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Thanks all :) I spoke to hom again this morning and he's absolutely fine :D

He doesn't remember yesterday at all! lol.. He's still in quite a bit of pain, but they've put him back on the morphine now but on a much lower dose and a differnt kind (was liquid now tablets i think?).

Thanks again for all your lovely replies! :) xx


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Glad your dad is ok XXX a friend of minesaid morphine was the best drug he ever took when he had a bike accident so i guess it effects people very very differently who knows maybe his body just needed the rest Morphine just helps it shut down .


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There are a whole bunch of different kind of morphine, yet they're all morphine, I had to go on a different type of MST as I had a bad reaction to the first one.

Glad things are a bit better, he's in the best place to be monitored!

love and hugs,

Natt xxx

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