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o/t results of new house


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just wanted to let you all know how about how seeing the new house went.

went to see the house and i'm moving in about 8 weeks.the garden is amazing (and flat)so charys can finally enjoy playing outside without breaking her neck!
the house needs alot of decorating but i can manage that.its lots smaller too,4 rooms less than i have now,so gotta sell some furniture off.
its one of them houses that is bright turquoise in the hall,peachy orange in living room,sure you get the idea lol yuk! x
looking forward to the cheaper bills though and its £100 less than i pay now.
just sorting out the house now for charity shop stuff and broken bits so all i have to do when the time comes is chuck it in boxes and on the van x
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S: 22st4.0lb C: 17st2lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 5st2lb(23.08%)
oh and is there anybody about that could help me do my formal notice please?
i'm not good with wording things and would really appreciate the help.thanks x

irish molly

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Well done on getting the house. Just think, you will be settled in for Christmas as well. Nice to see you having some good luck.
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Hi Taff,

Congratulations on your new move!!!

Dont know about formal notice.. you might find a sample through google?

Wishing you all the happiness in your new home... x
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hey hun, thats great about the house. gardens are so important, kids will love it.
id just write sometimes simple along the lines of -

dear landlords name,
re - ur name and address

im writing to let you know ill be vacating ur property on date. this gives you the 8 weeks notice required in my tenancy agreement.
i will contact you nearer the time to arrange collecting my deposit.

i trust all is in order, however if you need to contact me (contact details)

yours sincerely.

your name

that kinda thing, dont need much else.
hope this helps


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thank you all.
managed to write one up.will get it too him asap.

i agree about the garden.she's gonna love it.
the new landord seems lovely and she said to do as i please to the house.she's even letting me go in as i please to decorate as i wish and put down new flooring a few weeks before we move to its all nice and ready for us.think i might have better luck with this lady.as far as she's concerned its a very long term thing so we can have a bit more security too.


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Oooo... an exciting new chapter in your life and a flexible landlady. And by the time you come to move you'll be near target. What a great time in your life that'll be. A new you and a new house.

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This is brilliant news Tafflass.

If my son had'nt left Ponty for sunny Nottingham I would have had him giving you a hand to move.

Good luck and invite all us thin people to the house warming.

Take care


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haha thanks John,but i don't see the fact that he lives in nottingham as an excuse for him not to still come and help lol x

thanks Hoolie.yeah i forgot i'll be nearly at target.not long now.
omg,scarey!! all gonna be happening x
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Yeah! Great news! So pleased for you! You deserve it sweetie. You'll have that house like a show house in no time at all. It's exciting doing up a new house. I love it. I'd move every year if I was allowed!

It's great that you'll finally get the bills sorted and less rent! You'll have all the difference spent in Topshop! Good idea to start getting organised now, as moving is soooooo bloody stressful. Hope Charys is ok with the move. Start explaining to her now and she'll be great. I moved 18 months ago and didn't think to prepare Mimi! It was a nightmare! Poor little baby was traumatised. Your new landlady sounds lovely and it's great she's letting you come and go as you please! Take Charys with you and she'll be so looking forward to moving.

Brilliant sweetie. I'm sure you'll be so happy there


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