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O/T The Sausage Bike!

Well had to share this with you all, specially the big un's!

I have not ridden a bike for over 20 years, I am almost 40 and weigh almost 21stone. When my husband got up yesterday and excited the kids saying we were going cycling 8 miles round a reseviour, I imaginged I would do alot of waiting about as I wouldnt cycle.

He loaded the 3 kids and thier bikes and his bike and off we went. On the way he gently suggested we have a look in the cycle hire shop there. I reluctantly went into the hire shop and said I wasnt even sure I could ride a bike but did they have anything remotely suitable. The staff were fab. They found me a very large mountain bike with fairly wide tyres and got the seat down and off I went and it was, well like riding a bike!Whizzing along with the wind on your face, I hadnt done that since a kid!

My children were so happy to see me joining in with them and we rode 8 miles yes, I rode every bit as well as anyone. We stopped half way for a diet coke at the pub and what a wonderful day we had.

When we got back, the staff couldnt believe how far we had got, they were wondering how we had got on. My lovely husband bought the bike off them there and then!!

It's great to be back in the saddle!

If I can do it, anyone can!!
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A moaning old boot!!!!
I actually cried a little reading that. WELL DONE YOU!!!!!! I dont know you and I feel very proud of you for doing that, and for doing it soooo well.
Also, well done to your husband for buying the bike from them for you, thats a great support from him and I bet it has encouraged you further.
x x x x x


Trying again!!!
Well done Princess S ~ you have made me want to get my bike dusted off now! And how fabby is your hubby??? So pleased and proud of you xx


Gold Member
oh well done you!!! :D xx
OMG !!!! did you say" Sausage Bike" ( bad thoughts entering ones head) I not reading another word... heheheheeh !

Phil x
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Well done for doing that. Have thought of getting a bike myself but would have to have one of those wide load signs stuck on my rear!!!


Staff member
Well done Princess and well done to such a lovely thoughtful husband!

Love Mini xxx
Well done, it must be about 20 years since I rode a bike! Its great that you've found something you enjoy as it doesn't feel so much like excersise if you enjoy it. Your hubby sounds lovely!!
I can't believe you did 10 miles today thats fab, keep it up hun x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
That's fantastic PS! It's about 45 years since I rode a bike (of the non gym type!) but OH keeps saying we must get some. You've spurred me on! Well done!


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Well done you

Ive always wanted one but llike yourself not rode one for years and tbh i couldnt leave 6 year old cycling at side on pavement as he got aspergecs and probably wonder off or cycle straight on road but would love to take my three kids out on the meadows near me maybe see what other options there are for him :D
My middly has severe ADHD and is very unpredictable, he is 8. We put him in a high viz vest. We look for rides that mainly cycle track, so mostly off road. If we have to do on road a bit, we stick him in the middle of us and I keep barking the instructions at him from behind!

The good thing, he is so tired after cycling a long way his behaviour is much more improved.

My littly is 6 and goes on a tag a long behind my husband,like a little tandem on the back of his, we hire it but are going to buy one.

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