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O/T: These photos now available to buy

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Ive just had a very quick look ( will have a better look after tea) but wowo wow wow they are fantastic the bubbles one are my fave so far.Hes a very talented boy.xx


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im a portrait photographer myself and I have to say - Im pretty impressed
Just got the hubby to take a look (he's a keen photographer) and he was amazed by them. When I told him how old he was he was completely stunned!

He has an amazing talent

** Just Jools **

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Truely amazing, what wonderful pics. I loved the abstract ones. x :D
Wow - I am really into photography (although I don't have the talent for it really - I admire it!) and so I thought I would take a quick look - very impressive. Have only got as far as landscapes (where my fave was the The Flow Of Life) and the abstract (where my fave is the embers) - will have a look again at the rest later.

Very talented young man! Imagine what he's gonna be like in 10 years!


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Ben's photo's are amazing. he's certainly got an artistic talent (especially seeing as he's even managed to make Wilton look beautiful lol!

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