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O/T Tummy Tuck

Went to my Doctors today for a smear and told her how depressed my stomach makes me, I am 1lb from goal, have lost 55lb and my stomach hangs like you wouldn't believe. This is due to 10 children, including 3 caesereans and my weight loss, but my PCT wont even consider tummy tucks, according to them all tummy tucks are cosmetic, she was really upset and said if there was even a remote chance she would definately have recommended me as a priority, my nope not a chance.... looks like I will have to be saving hard from now on...
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it sucks doesnt it :( its annoying that some people get surgery for lesser problems :(
but yes i will be trying to surgery on the nhs too if my skin gets to that point, ive been ,meaning to ask if i could get something else done on the nhs too but thats a whole different story lol xxx
Can you appeal at all Linda? It definitely doesn't seem fair and it's like a bit of a lottery really.
Could you ask to see a psychiatrist or psychologist to assess the psychological impact of this on you? Perhaps with that backing it would be easier to put forward a case?
The doctor said hey wont even do it for severe psychological stress that it causes some people, she has recently refered someone for that and they are still not interested.
That's not good :( It's obviously something important to you. On the plus side, you'd never know it in a million years looking at your pics.


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Linda, I am under the same PCT as you (I'm in Bradwell) and was hoping that I'd potentially have at least a chance of getting some help on the NHS.. well that's dashed it then! Should have stayed where I lived before!
Speaking from experience this is not something that the NHS will pay for. It is seen as being cosmetic and not a health risk but I can understand how it makes ya feel.
It depends on your PCT, I know icemousse on here had it done and a few other people, just depends where you live, its a lottery, some areas are happy to do it, others are not.
I had twins in 1994, and had what they calla fatty apron left over after a c section... I was on the NHS list for a tummy tuck for 5 years... and then had it done privatly,about 8 years ago- as they said I would probably be waiting lots more years. It cost a lot but it was the best thing I did. But be careful- it bloomin hurts when you are recovering. I had the muscle repaired aswell and I was doubled over for about four weeks, and then had back ache, it took me about 6 months to be able to lie on my stomach in bed.... and a huge huge scar.(72 staples, my mum said I looked like a post mortem)!!!!she's a nurse by the way so has seen a few...
Its not an easy option, but worth it in the long run I think.
If you can save up then make sure you do your research and get a really good doctor- go on recommendation rather than the cheapest.
NHS options are pretty naff and will take years if you are accepted- they look at the long term health risks- but still take years.
Good luck
Aw bless you really feel for you!! It doesnt seem fair you have worked so hard surely they should take that into consideration?? If it does come down to you saving for it a friend of mine has had it done and its one of the best things shes done it makes such a difference both cosmetically and mentally. Hope you get your dream honey xxx


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I know the PCT that my parents come under does consider it, so might have to stick around here!
It really annoys me that where you live determines on whether or not you are eligible for surgery or not.

My husbands sister got a boob job on the NHS this year just because she went to the doctor and said that she was feeling depressed and the new boobs would help her not feel depressed?! eh?

I went to the doc's where I live to ask info about gastic banding and was told that I needed to have a bmi of 60 or over to qualify! Surely having a bmi of 52 and being 26 stone would indicate I had a weight problem!
So I will probably lose my weight get to 12 stone and then ask for my excess skin to be removed and will be refused....it really gets my goat!
I had high blood pressure at the beginning of the year, had to have several appointments at the doctors to get it checked, Doctor checked it yesterday and it was perfect, so by losing weight I have saved them money by having a perfect blood pressure and not needing it checked out regularly or having tablets...
Well done on the BP honey you have done so well shedding the weight has def made you more healthy without a doubt and you look fab xxx

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