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O/T Wedding clothes help

We have 2 weddings to go to this year - and as they are family weddings I will need 2 different outfits. Hubby is best man at the first so a new suit etc there.
I have started looking around and realise with 4 of us to kit out it is going to be expensive (2nd wedding in Aberdeen so husband and 2 sons will hire kilts).
The first in May I was thinking of maybe a linen suit or dress and jacket.
My stomach is what I will prefer to cover - always seems to be flabby.:confused: so nothing tight fitting in that area.
Looked on the Next website and that is all up to now.
Any ideas?
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Littlewoods website is suprisingly good :D and great value for money (just depends if you mind buying clothes online and having to send them back if they dont fit). I got a fab dress on there just before Christmas, reduced to £11 from £30!

The last wedding outfit I got was a 'Debut' dress from Debenhams - actually the wedding before that I also got a Debenhams dress! Great place to go and as it gets closer to wedding season they get quite a big range in.
what colour are you thinking? you should post a pic of you and we'll all find something we think will look nice, like a mini mission for us!! x


I am one of the 63336
I've got some great bargains off of eBay recently. If you are going for separates, you may not have to go for a totally different outfit - just make sure the top is different as that's what will show in photos. Also keep an eye open in charity shops for accessories.
I will look at the Littlewoods site - no problem buying online.
I will try and post a photo.
I love and suit RED.
Just thought is it Debenhams that have personal shoppers? I will need help with all the accessories.:p
The first wedding in May isn't until 5pm and quite a 'relaxed' affair, the second wedding I don't know much about yet.
I am also hoping to drop half a stone before the first wedding so ideally would be shopping at the end of March?
Thanks for your replies.
Sue - Never thought about Ebay - should have as hubbie is on site so much.:eek:
Good idea about the seperates.
I am always wary of charity shops not sure why as I donate lots of stuff to the local ones.
All ideas very welcome.
Im liking this dress, (although its pink not red!!) pink dress.jpg
I ike, I like.......... Where is that from Rainbow?
Just browsed the Debenhams site lots of lovely dresses - I will be over at Liverpool 1 very soon. Problem is hubby and 2 sons will not be much help (although they will want my input with theirs) - Will give my mum and sister a call.
Just realised another date for my diary is our school prom the Frifay after the first wedding.
I knew I would find help on here.
its a debenhams one, ive got stuff for weddings (and my prom) from there before, i'll keep looking though. i like doing stuff like this. you remind me of my aunty, shes married and has a teenage son, but they're no use when shopping so me and my mum (whos her sister) end up going with her! x
red jacket.jpg this linen jackets nice too, its from M&S x
I was in M and S yesterday however as I was with hubby and youngest son - no chance of looking at stuff!!!!!!!!!! However saying that youngest son is very critical and if I try something on he says yes or no to whether it suits even when I colour my hair he often says doesn't suit you!!!! Or that is nice the same with his own clothes he knows what he wants!!!!
Have you also tried Bon Prix? They are an online catelogue company that are really cheap.

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