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O/T Wish next 3 months would vanish


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Sorry in advance but im really naffed off today as it couldnt get any worse.

First of all went docs to find out why i was feeling like i was yesterday to be sent for blood test and she didnt tell me why my jaw and pain in chest and arm were sore grrrr but find out on tests on tuesday.

Secondly i came home to sort my bills out for 1st aug so i have money left to take kids out for a day a week at least but oh noooo, Im just sitting here sobbing all my money next week is straight on the bills and nothing left what so ever for kids to go and enjoy themselves somewhere, i only get 40-50 a week and that be on food and no money for there spends neither, so i decided to do sept oct bills which dont look bad but why couldnt it be sept money so i have at least 100 left to take them out. This month gas gone up 15 and my electric up 60 this month and also sky taking double cos i changed the date. I feel sorry that my kids are gonna be stuck in but there is no where to go around here and if i take them out to seaside its still costing petrol money and with having a autistic child i real feel sorry for them that there 6 weeks hols are ruined and i cant stop crying.

Thirdly you can guarantee i go and get weighed tonight and i will either sts or put on even though been extra good so they say bad luck comes in threes

Sorry for going on just had to get it of chest :cry:
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Huni...dont apologise for getting things off your chest...we all need to at some time or another.
I really dont know what to say to help, but I didnt just want to read your post and not put anything. Is there no extra help available to you, family wise?? I dont mean finacial help, I just mean isnt there anyone that would like to have you and the children stay with them for a couple of days??
Dont cry Hun as the kids will get upset too and you dont need that combination when you are feeling like this.

Huge hugs coming to you.



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I'm so sorry for your worries Jacqui, I really wish I could help you.

The important thing is to get your health sorted out, I'm sure that is a big worry for you at the moment.

Could you and the children go for picnic's at a local park area, you would only need a few sandwiches and a drink and maybe a ball to have a bit of fun out of the house.

I know it must be difficult for you, and I hope getting it of your chest on here will have helped you.

Thinking of you, and good luck with your WI. X
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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
I only have my mum and dad but they will be at the caravan for next 4 weeks soon with there foster kids and they wont take mine cos basically i shouldnt of had 3 kids so i prefer to handle them myself. As for park around here they are messed up from the older kids sitting there at night with bottles and wrecking it up for little ones.

I have 15 year old who would stay in all day cos he loves that but since he got a g/f for past 6 months she one that like to go out and stuf and see's her áss if he dont go but like i ssaid tough titties if i aint got the money and ill be telling her tonight, if she wants to go somewhere she go alone or with mates.

Middle kids is the sort that would get into trouble if i let him out with his gob and cockiness but he can go free swimming as from next monday for 2 hours a day and then he said he will bike to karate a few times, but with the kids around here i do prefer him to stay in.

Ive even promised that next week im letting them go to united ground as there is a fair there and i dont know how the hell im gonna get money for that, but off to mums in a bit to explain to her, maye she might take little one caravan i dunno probably not, and she asked me to take her two foster kids to the fair so maybe she might pay for middle one as its a unlimited wrist band for 1pm-9pm.

Thanks again for replying i just hate it when kids stuck in tbh :)


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Hi Jacqui,

Have you tried any of these websites:

DO FREE STUFF|England|Days Out|Museums|Galleries|Country parks|Events|Places|etc|DoFreeStuff.com

Free Days Out | Free Family Days Out | Family Day Out UK

It is hard, especially when you have a wide age range but there are things to do, it's like going back to the "olden days" (as my daughter says). Ask some older people what they used to do to entertain kids when money was tight, go to a local park with a picnic and a ball and games etc and just have fun, tbh it's things like that we don't seem to do enough!

Hope this helps a little and I do hope you feel better soon.

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