Obesity is contagious..


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I'm watching 'The Wright Stuff' and they are discussing that in The Independent it's saying gaining weight is more frequent if you hang around with overweight people or something...

What do you think...?

Gaining weight is more frequent if you hang around the bakery!!!!;)


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don't watch the wright stuff didn't you ever watch the clip about him the elitist twonk going on about protecting the middle classes and how the lower classes don't deserve a voice he makes my blood boil. By the way Emski that really made me laugh too XXX obesity is only catching if you share the same spoon whilst eating icecream i read it ib the sun so it must be true!!


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I def agree with this, if one of you gets something naughty others in the group are more likely to do it too x


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Definitely - by the same token though if you encourage each other to stick to it that works too. I go to class with my sister in law and we text each other in the week for support. We have the "make yourself feel better" conversation about the enormous domino's pizza we're going to eat after class then go home to our SW friendly tea knowing that we're not missing out and if one of us can stick to it then the other can too. I know that if I said "oh it'll be ok tonight we'll have a treat" then that would send her off track too same goes for her supporting me.
Our consultant has started a competition for Christmas where the class has paired up and are aiming to lose the most as a team. That way we're relying on each other to stick to it, my SIL is my partner of course so we can keep a greedy er.. beady eye on each other. :)
Hoping I do better tomorrow than the measly half pound last week (still cross lol).


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Peer pressure does work both ways!

For me though I used to eat badly with my work colleagues so I would fit in, so when they all went for a fry up then I went with them and would eat huge plates just so they talked about me and that I was one of the gang.

Now if I fancy a fry up I'll go, if I don't I won't, and if they don't like me for being me then that's fine as well! I don't need anybody to need me to smoke, drink or eat to be their friend...



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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work on a friday morning is worst for me everyone gets butties so i have started making my own and just heating it up so i don't feel left out lol

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I agree that it just takes someone to say "oh, go on....it won't hurt" and you can easily slide

Recently though I have just taken to feeling super smug when I have refused to indulge when others have - thinking "they'll be 1lb heavier tomorrow and I'll be lighter...."

LRO xx