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obesity surgery


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Well i went to the obesity clinic today! referred from consultant. he dr i spoke to said he thinks i need to have surgery to sussessfully loose weight. He informed me this would cost £10,000 (like i have that kind of money) he said hopefully in a years time i would be able to get it on the NHS.
I have now been referred to another hospital with an obesity clinic to try to loose weight. I explained to him my motivation is low. i feel so deflated there is no way i could get that kind of money together, and i was going today hoping they would help me but that will be another 6 months on another waiting list.

I only hope that i can prove him wrong and loose weight grrrr

Debs x
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OMG that is sooo drastic!! But at the same time what great motivation to show them you can do it on your own!!
Get your name on the list and in the next 6 months put all the effort you can into losing some weight!!
Its not easy thats for sure ... was 5ft5 and size 26 a few years back. You just have to focus ... and maybe the thought of surgery is the motivation you need!!!
Good Luck!

Mrs V

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Is that for a bypass or a band Hun??? I had a band fitted privately and it cost me £7.5k...well Hubby had one as well so cost us £15k in total.
If I was you, I would get your name on the waiting list and aim to loose as much as you can naturally...then re-evaluate your situation...if you manage to make it to 6 months on this plan, would you really need the surgery?
I dont regret having mine done, but would strongly suggest anyone that considers surgery REALLY consider other options first. Its not a guarantee Huni, you still have to work at the weight loss anyway.
PM me if you want any more information.


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S: 28st2.0lb C: 26st5.5lb G: 20st0.0lb Loss: 1st10.5lb(6.22%)
well i m not sure he was talking about a gastric bypass and stomach stapling.

It will be at least a year until i could get it done on the NHS. The 6 months is the time i have to wait to get appointment in another obesity clinic in dundee cos kirkcaldy one doesnt have an active clinic.

I hope i can loose it by myself but i done all these diets so many times b4 and always failed but i m gonna give it 100% with SW and hopefully come a years time i wont need the surgery.

There is no chance that anytime in the next few years that i will have 10 K or even half that to pay for surgery, oh well i can only try eh

Thanks for advice

Debs x
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A few years back (can't remember the year exactly), I was 5'3" and at my heaviest ever weight of nearly 21st. I went for a private consultation and was going to have gastric bypass. I was all set and ready to make the date of surgery but my hubby talked me out of it.

I was so distressed though and upset that I wasn't having it done. I thought it would be what cured me of my lifelong addiction to food and to being obese. I resented my husband talking me out of it but I promised him I would give it one more shot and if it didn't work then I'd have surgery.

I'm pleased to say that I have never been that weight again. Yes, I've been back up to 18st again but that was when I was pregnant with my daughter and had put on 5st, which I now have lost and am plodding along towards my target of losing another 2st.

My point is - you CAN do it. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to! Focus on little targets at a time and you will get there. Even if the target is going through one day without bingeing. Or fitting some exercise in. Any little difference will help and just making one change will have a knock on effect and will be all you need to spur you on to keep going.

I can't remember how much you've lost on SW but from what I remember you're doing fantastically well. Stick with it! And not to burst your bubble, but surgery isn't the be all and end all - you will still need to 'diet' or eat healthily and in controlled portions once you've had it.

Mrs V

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As Stacey said the surgery isnt the be all to your problem. Mine was quantity over quality of food and thats all the band has done for me. It stops me from over eating. I have the "Im full now" switch off that I didnt have before..thats all.
The problem I had with SW years ago was that when I was told by my Consultant that you could eat unlimited quantities of food as it was a "Free" food, that was a challenge for me and regardless what anyone tells you eating 2 whole chickens in one sitting because its free is not good for you!!!! Lol
I am being honest when I say that SW is better for you than surgery, unless you are medically at risk as I was with chest pains. You can loose the weight, but you have to be motivated in order to do it.


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Without wanting to sound harsh but if you really wanted to lose weight you would. I think people see surgery as a quick fix, but it isn't and it is surgery your body could do without. In a year even if you lost 1.5lb a week you could drop 7 stone without the need for surgery at all.
Just commit to the plan one day at a time and you will get there, yes we all have bad days but you just need to get back on track and not let it spoil the big picture.
Good luck with whatever you do
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Hi Debs,
Just thought I would share my experience of Weight Loss Surgery so please bare with me as this is likely to be a long post!!!

I too went to the doctors about surgery and as I was fed up with being fat and sick of failing at diets! Plus we have been trying to conceive for 4 years and I have polysystic ovaries. The doctor assured me that I would get the funding as I ticked all the boxes. I was declined after a 4 month wait. Then my infertility specialist referred me for a band, I was declined again after waiting 3 months for a decision. By now, a year had past and I had put on another 2 stone. I was suffering from depression and my back was killing me from the weight of my breasts. I had yeast infections under my breasts and stomach folds and my shoulders would bleed from my bra straps. I was in and out of the doctors all the time. I was referred again by my GP. My infertility specialist and a councellor backed the referral. I was declined.

Two months ago, I received a letter saying that I had to attend a weight management clinic for 6 months and then they would put my case forward again f I failed to lose weight with the clinic. I went along to the clinic and I felt like ***** afterwards. I was so embarrassed at the state I had got myself into. My frame of mind was that I wasn't even going to try so I would get bigger, they would have to give me the surgery. From initial doctors appointment asking for a referral until today it has been 27 months.

Basically, I gave myself a good talking to and decided that I needed to stop blaming the NHS for me being overweight and not helping me get thin. I needed to do it myself. If I want children and a wedding and to be happy with me then I was the one who could change that.

I thought about being slim in the future and going to a party. If I am food optimising, I can have a flexi day and enjoy the food and drink and cake and cocktails!!!! If I have a gastic bypass, I cant enjoy the food or drink or cake or cocktails. I would enjoy dumping and vomiting instead. I like my food and I dont want a and or bypass to stopping me from doing so. I need to teach myself about enjoying in moderation. Fill up on free foods (imagine that as your saline band fill) and make choices for the treats.

Sorry if I have rambled on. I just wanted to share my experiences.


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Hi i agree what a great post claire. What do you have to do to get it on the NHS!!! But, it has been great for you , you have realised that you dont' need the surgery and you will do it with the help and support of sw. Good on you. xx


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Well i went to the obesity clinic today! referred from consultant. he dr i spoke to said he thinks i need to have surgery to sussessfully loose weight.
Debs x
He just sounds as though he is trying to save his job- successful slimming clubs are lowering the demand for such treatment. Remember although he has DR in front of his name he might talk aload of cobs-wobble! I personally have not consulted about such surgery but say you did go ahead lost aload of weight what is going to happen when you decide to have a life again and go and party?? Slimming world is a slow process but its something you adapt for life- Im against surgery big time as soo many things could go wrong.. you hear about infections etc.. GROSS:sign0137:.
Stick with SW hun and im sure the pounds will drop off quicker than getting to that surgery table!

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