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OddSock's NEW food diary!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the healthy eating forum after defecting from Slimming World- it wasn't working for me, so I've decided to branch out on my own and follow the common sense approach to weight loss- a healthy diet and increased exercise. I'm kicking things off with a detox, details of which will follow on my next post, and I'm excited to get started.

I won't be doing weekly weigh-ins as I found them very stressful and quite demoralising, but I will occasionally weigh myself to check my progress. It's about lifestyle for me this time, not just weight loss, so my measures of progress will relate more to how I'm feeling, how my skin looks, how my energy levels are, etc.

I'm also transitioning gradually to becoming vegan again: I've been vegetarian for almost a year after 13 years of veganism, and vegetarianism just doesn't suit me, so I'm going back to what I know best. However, I want to get there in a gradual and healthy manner, so I'll be taking it slowly.

In addition, I want to increase the amount of exercise I'm doing, and I want to start meditation to manage my stress levels, as I think it's important to take care of myself mentally as well as physically. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!

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I've decided to do a five-day detox from Monday to Friday next week- I do love a good detox and it'll help me to get back into healthy eating! Basically all dairy, caffeine and processed foods will be out, and whole grains, legumes, pulses, fruit and veg will be in. Here's what I propose:


Each day I will have porridge made with water and sweetened with agave, with omega-rich seeds sprinkled on top, followed by either a piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice, and a herbal tea.


Depending on whether I'm in uni or at home, I'll improvise slightly on lunches. Options include:
- miso soup, followed by fruit
- houmous and carrot sticks
- houmous and salad on wholemeal bread
- vegetable soup


At teatime, I will become queen of the casserole dish! I'll make meals which will last for two days at a time, since I have quite a busy week next week:
- Monday and Tuesday: oven-baked red pepper risotto with steamed green beans and baby corn
- Wednesday and Thursday: chickpea, sweet potato and quinoa casserole
- Friday: Unsure yet as I'll be out with friends, hopefully salad or a rice-based dish


Fruit, carrot sticks, nuts and seeds, Graze boxes


Water (and lots of it!), fruit juice once a day, herbal/fruit tea

I'll also be upping my exercise levels, and I'm hoping to go to a meditation class on Tuesday if my uni timetable allows.

Let's hope it works! :)
Detox, Day 1

Breakfast: Porridge made with water and sweetened with agave, topped with blueberries. Apple and blueberry tea
Lunch: Multiseed bagel with houmous, spinach and tomato
Tea: Stir-fried veg and cashew nuts with boiled rice- had to improvise as I got stranded in town and had no time to make risotto!
Snacks: Fruit
Drinks: Water, herbal tea
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It seems I've lapsed with the keeping of my food diary, oops! Anyway... Today is Day 1 of my return to veganism, I'm quite excited! Looking forward to feeling healthy again!

Breakfast- Porridge (made with water) with cinnamon and nutmeg. Small glass of pressed apple and beetroot juice. Echinacea and raspberry tea. Water.

Lunch- Houmous and cucumber on 2 slices multiseed toast. Strawberries and kiwis mixed in soya yogurt.

Tea- Home-made chickpea and butternut squash tagine with couscous. 1 small pitta bread.


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