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OddSock's Vegan Food Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by OddSock, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    Hi everyone!

    I'm starting a new food diary, to go along with my fresh start on Slimming World - I was on here for a while until a couple of years ago, then life got in the way and I kind of abandoned Slimming World. Now I'm back, and I'd like to start posting on here again to keep me on track. So watch this space! :)
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  3. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    I'm doing a detoxy-type-thing for a few days before I start back on SW, just to clean out my system a bit and break some bad habits. I'm not synning the next couple of days for that reason, but I thought I'd share anyway. I also started exercising a couple of weeks ago, mostly on the cross trainer at home. I started off barely able to manage ten minutes, and today I've just managed half an hour! There's a non-scale victory if ever I heard one :)


    Breakfast- Vegesentials smoothie
    Lunch- Vegesentials juice, small banana, bulgar wheat
    Tea- Soupologie spinach, kale and garlic soup, rye bread
    Snacks- Vegesentials juice, honeydew melon
    Drinks- Lots and lots of water, green tea, fennel tea
    Exercise- 30 mins cross trainer, 10 mins stepping
  4. Barbette

    Barbette Well-Known Member

    It's lovely to see you back :D
    Hope you're well, you sound positive :)
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  5. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

  6. Barbette

    Barbette Well-Known Member

    Not in the best of health the beginning if the year, gall bladder problems so had that out and a slight car accident so just getting back on my feet properly. How have you been keeping?

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  7. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Well-Known Member

    Welcome back mate :D
    Lovely to see you back on the diary section.
    Sounds like the cross-trainer has been a good choice for you. You're definitely doing really well at increasing it. I'm on a slow, steady mission to rebuild some of my fitness at the moment. Only really trying to walk on my not too bad days, but desperate to get swimming again when the horrible kids go back to school ;)
    Good look with the detox.xx
  8. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    Oh no, Barbette, that doesn't sound good! Really hope you're feeling better now. I've been alright thanks, had a few ups and downs, but I'm moving to New Zealand in a few months so I'm rather excited! Xx

    Exercise is definitely the way forward :) I've been trying to stick to exercise I can do for free, since all my spare money is going towards New Zealand. I started just doing a few minutes going up and down the bottom stair at home, and it's pretty good exercise. Maybe that's something you could try? Xx

    Here's my food plan for Tuesday, which is my first official day back on SW. Comments welcome as always!


    Breakfast- Vegan protein shake (3.5 syns) with oat milk (HEXA1). Banana
    Lunch- Covent Garden soup (HEXB1) with Ryvita (HEXB2)
    Tea- Vegan curry (5 syns for coconut milk in sauce) with brown rice
    Snacks- Aldi Skips (4 syns). Apple
    Drinks- Water, herbal tea
    Exercise- 20 mins cross trainer, walking up six flights of stairs at work
    Syns- 12.5

    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
  9. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Well-Known Member

    I pretty much go up stairs on all 4's at the moment - unless out in public lol!! Not sure people out in the wild would appreciate my stairs style ;) I hate the idea of paying for exercise, but I think swimming could be good for me. I'd probably end up going only a few times a month, so hopefully wont cost too much. For me walking the dogs is my ultimate. I can't run any more and Ellie's far too old and Dave has some old age changes in his hips starting, so running is definitely out like we used to do. I'd hope we might be able to do a little jog every now and then though :)

    Nice food day to start your plan :D Are the protein shakes nice? Where do you get them from?
    My current plan is to use more daily syns and it's actually working!! Thanks to Barbette pointing me in that direction ;) I wasn't losing at all and even gaining while being 100% on plan and doing 2 fast days a week!! Now I try and use as close to 10 syns a day, so I'm saving less, and I lost just over 5lb I think in a month. Which is a miracle for me :D
  10. Barbette

    Barbette Well-Known Member

    I'm nearly there, it's just taken longer than I wanted but shouldn't grumble.

    I bet you're excited I would be too, my son us emigrating to Australia soon he's just got back after a year out there.

    I run upstairs at work instead of the lift and would at home but I live in a bungalow.

    Hope you've had a good day x

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  11. Starlight93

    Starlight93 Well-Known Member

    Subscribed :) am vegetarian so may be able to get some good meal ideas from your diary :D x
  12. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    Hi Becky! Will have to pop over to your diary for veggie food ideas, too :)

    Seems like Australia made quite an impression on your son, Barbette! New Zealand was the same for me, I feel so drawn to it. Can't wait to go back! Xx

    I'm definitely going to try to actually have my syns- it does make a big difference. Might get some more Aldi fake Skips, though I don't know if I trust myself with a multipack, haha. The shakes are really nice- I mostly got them to help with my energy levels, because the anxiety I've been suffering with lately has exhausted me, and they do give me a good boost. They're made by Super Eleven xx

    It seems I've been typically rubbish at updating my diary, but I was hopeless at being on plan last week anyway, so it's for the best! I'm trying to plan a bit better this week, so hopefully I won't be such a catastrophic failure!


    Breakfast- Vegesentials cucumber, pineapple and spinach juice (4 syns, although synning vegetable juice is sort of daft!). Grapes
    Lunch- Homemade miso split pea soup (1 syn for miso paste)
    Tea- Jacket potato with houmous (HEXB1) and spinach salad
    Snacks- Apple, banana, Nairns caramelised onion snackers (5 syns), Nakd banana bread bar (4.5 syns)
    Syns- 14.5
    Exercise- 20 mins on cross trainer

    UPDATE: I made the miso split pea soup, and it is amazing! Here's a link to the recipe- obviously I didn't use oil, I used brown miso instead of yellow, and I used one cup of yellow split peas as I didn't have enough green split peas. It turned out really well!


    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
    Last edited: 1 September 2014
  13. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

  14. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Well-Known Member

    Hey dude!
    Yeah synning veggie juice does seem silly :s

    Hope this week goes a bit more to plan for you :) xx
  15. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus


    Breakfast- Vegan protein shake (3.5 syns) with oat milk (HEXA1). Two small fruit pots, during a breakfast meeting at work. Free fruit = happy Sarah!
    Lunch- Everyone at work was having Nando's, and I'm weak! I had a veggie pitta without mayo (obviously) with a side salad. Will count it as HEXB1 for the pitta, plus the rest of today's syns for sauce and oil. I later had a plateful of free watermelon from work :)
    Tea- Jacket potato with houmous (HEXB2) and spinach salad. Banana ice cream- two blended frozen bananas. So nice!
    Snacks- Pink Lady apple, banana
    Syns- 15

    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
    Last edited: 2 September 2014
  16. Barbette

    Barbette Well-Known Member

    My son loves it out there and a certain young lady is making it more so.
    Is it easy to get in to New Zealand? I know my son wouldn't have got in Australia if he didn't have a sponsor.

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  17. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    It's easy to get a working holiday visa, but much harder to get residency. My plan is to come back after a year, do my PhD, and hopefully use that qualification to apply for residency. Paws crossed! Sounds like your son's all set out there- are you planning holidays to Australia now? :) xx

    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
  18. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    MFP assures me that I'm well within my calorie count for the day, even with the Nandos veggie pitta, so I feel better now! Without mayo, it's just over 300 calories, and I didn't have chips, which is monumental for me, so yay!

    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
  19. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus


    Going up to Blackpool to visit my Grandma in hospital, so no idea what lunch will consist of! Will take some emergency fruit supplies.

    Breakfast- Super Eleven Shake (3.5 syns) with oat milk (HEXA1). Banana
    Lunch- 6 pieces of leftover vegan sushi
    Tea- Big bowl of miso split pea soup (1 syn for miso paste)
    Snacks- Banana, 2 Bear blackcurrant yo-yos (2.5 syns)
    Syns- 7
    Exercise- Does stressing count?!

    My Slimming World Diary - http://www.minimins.com/showthread.php?t=344972
    Last edited: 3 September 2014
  20. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Well-Known Member

    I hope your Grandma is ok mate.xx

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using MiniMins.com mobile app
  21. OddSock

    OddSock Veggiesaurus

    Thanks :) She's not doing too well at all, and I really want to get up there and see her, so I've taken tomorrow off work. Shouldn't have, really, because I have a lot on, but some things are more important!

    Update to today's food diary: I've had a really s*** day and didn't want to cook, so I've ordered some vegetable sushi from a nearby Japanese takeaway. I'm not synning it as I'm pretty sure that vegan sushi is syn-free; obviously there's no mayonnaise or anything involved! Even if it does have a couple of syns, I think I allocated too many for my Nando's veggie pitta earlier, so I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. All's well that ends with me stuffing my face with sushi at the end of a terrible day!

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