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OddSock's Vegan Slimming World Adventure!

Hi guys,

I've been lurking in the Slimming World forums this evening and it's made me realise how much I miss the plan, and more importantly, how much I miss the support of the SW forum. I've been posting in the healthy eating forum but it's not the same, you can practically see the tumbleweeds! I've been contemplating returning to SW as I'm not doing very well going it alone, and I've made the decision to return to my beloved Green days!

As of yesterday I have returned to a vegan diet- I was vegan for 14 years until a few months ago, when I became vegetarian in order to try and correct some nutrient deficiencies. That particular master plan has failed me, and I hated myself every single moment of my vegetarianism, so I'm back to veganism and feeling more like my old self already!

As I've reverted to veganism I thought this week may be a good time to come back to SW. What's funny is that my healthy eating diary could easily be mistaken for a SW food diary anyway, so I may as well come home!

I'm going to be doing Green days every day unless otherwise stated, and though I earnt my Bronze and Silver Body Magic stickers last time I'm going to start them again from scratch. I'm also going to be less strict with myself with regard to weighing in, as it really started to get to me last time after I endured two months of STS-ing despite my best efforts! I will weigh myself every now and then to make sure I'm on track, but the build-up and subsequent upset of weekly weigh-ins really scuppered me last time.

I'm looking forward to sharing my return to the realms of veganism and Slimming World with all of you, and I hope to see some old friends from my previous SW thread, in addition to some brand spanking new ones! :)
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Breakfast- Porridge (HEXB1) with agave (1 syn) and sprinkle of seed mix (2 syns). Green tea

Lunch- Houmous (1 syn) with carrot sticks

Snack- Soya yogurt (2 syns)

Tea- Jacket potato and beans with huge salad of spinach, cucumber and tomato, with FF dressing. How I've missed my default lazy SW tea! :)

Snack- Muesli (HEXB2) with rice milk (HEXA1)

Syns- 6

Not much fruit and veg today, purely because I really wasn't hungry. I'd normally snack on fruit after each meal, but not today!
New diary :D Will be really interested in this diary. But also very happy to see you back.
Good luck with it all.xx

ps. I'm also only weighing in whenever I can be bothered/remember! I probably need to be a bit MORE strict with myself at the moment, but I'm happy to not have that weigh-in pressure. Just go at your own speed and see what happens.
Thanks :) Hopefully I'll have more luck this time round! I know what you mean, the pressure of weigh-ins really got to me before and it ruined things a bit! From your diary it looks like you've been doing a good job :) Do you find it easier now you're taking packed lunches to work? I always found that the structure of the work day really helped me with SW, it meant I didn't forget to eat lunch as I usually do at home! Haha xx
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Thank you! It was mostly calcium and B12 last time, it happened really rapidly though because I'd been vegan for so many years and all of a sudden my health just deteriorated! My doctor suggested re-introducing dairy and because I felt so ridiculously ill I decided to give it a try, but it hasn't worked so I'm back to veganism and my doctor's going to try and work out what's going on. I feel like I lost myself a bit when I wasn't vegan to be honest, I'm glad to be back to it! And maybe my doctor will get off my case now I've proven that my diet wasn't the problem :) xx
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Breakfast- Porridge (HEXB1) with chopped banana and agave (1 syn). Green tea

Lunch- Home-made butternut squash and sweet potato soup (all superfree/free ingredients). Fruit salad- pineapple, strawberries

Tea- Going out to a new veggie/vegan restaurant for tea which is making me slightly nervous! I've had a look at the restaurant's menu online and I think I'm going to have vegetable soup, followed by laksa with tofu and noodles, followed by some sort of fruity dessert (we have a special offer thingy for a discounted three course meal). Hopefully I won't stray too far from the SW path! Seems quite a healthy menu so I should be ok.


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Oh no! That's a horrible decision to have to make, I always worry about what I'd do if I was in that position. I hope your doctor can figure out how to help you soon, have they suggested b12 injections yet? Some people struggle to absorb the b12 in fortified foods and suppliments. A non vegan friend of mine has to get them every 6 months, good to know it's not just a vegan thing to suffer from :D

I hope you enjoy the restaurant tonight!
I've had B12 injections in the past, not a pleasant experience but they did work! I've sort of given up on my doctor to be honest, they're too quick to blame my diet even though I feel that I've given them more than enough evidence that it's not to blame! I already feel so much healthier three days into being vegan- I have energy again! Hurray! xx
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I've just been putting the soup I made earlier into tupperware boxes and it looks like I'll get four more meals out of it, not bad for less than £2 worth of ingredients! I found my old flask this morning too, so I'm going to take a flask of soup to uni for lunch tomorrow. Yay!
Just got back from the restaurant and I did pretty well SW-wise! I had beetroot soup with a bit of bread (HEXB2) for starter, Malaysian curried noodles with tofu, new potatoes and veg for main, and one scoop of vanilla soya ice cream with a black coffee afterwards. I'm pretty certain I haven't gone over my syns, and I had a really nice meal!
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That sounds lovely :D Will you be going back? ;)

To be honest I'm not sure whether work has had that much of an impact on SW. Although judging by last week it must have done because I had a load of syns saved for chocolate :p But I think I'm doing pretty well at low syn lunches for work. I miss my Weetabix lunches tho ;)
I do worry that I eat too much in a work day. But most of it is free and super free. It's hard isn't it?! Maybe I don't need to be eating that much, but I feel like I do because of how physical the job is.
Will just see how it goes for now and then maybe look at changing something.x
I think I will be going back, it was really nice! It'll have to be a special occasion though, it's pretty pricey without the voucher we had. Really enjoyed myself.

I think it's normal to eat more during a working day to be honest, you need more energy when you're busy all day. At least it's all free/superfree so you're not eating anything bad! It's better to eat a bit more free/sf stuff than usual so you don't end up going hungry. When I was working over the summer I used to make a massive chickpea salad for lunch and snack on fruit during the day to keep me going, mostly because I was worried that I'd turn to unhealthy food if I didn't fill up on fruit! xx
Breakfast- Porridge (HEXB1) with agave (1 syn)
Lunch- Butternut squash and sweet potato soup, chopped pineapple, banana
Tea- Tofu pieces, new potatoes and a huge spinach and cucumber salad with FF dressing. 2 small apples
Snacks- Muesli (HEXB2) with rice milk (HEXA1), soya yogurt (2 syns), crisps (8 syns)
Syns- 11
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Breakfast- Banana (I ate on the run!)

Mid-morning- Apple, leftover tofu pieces

Lunch- Butternut squash and sweet potato soup with 2 small slices bread (HEXB1)

Tea- Jacket potato with beans and salad. Massive fruit salad- pineapple, mango, blueberries

Snacks- 2 ginger biscuits (10 syns- oh my god! Note to self: check packaging BEFORE eating!), peanut butter (4 syns) on 2 small slices seeded toast

Syns- 14
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I decided to weigh myself this morning to see how I'd progressed in my first week of re-veganisation. I was 212lbs on Monday and today I'm 206, so 6lbs off! Amazing! I'm still not planning to do regular WIs but it's good to know that I've made such amazing progress. Hopefully next time I weigh myself I'll be under 200! :D
Breakfast- Muesli (HEXB1) with rice milk (HEXA1)

Lunch- Peanut butter (4 syns) on 2 slices wholemeal toast (HEXB2). Apple.

Tea- Falafel, sweet potato mash (3 syns for Vitalite), half a tin of baked beans. Really had to force myself to eat today, not good really!

Snacks- Alpro yogurt (2 syns)

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I've just been looking at some soup recipes, since I really enjoyed last week's soup lunches. I've been craving onion soup all night so I think I'm going to make a batch of it on Monday, and possibly some potato soup as well. I usually make enough for up to 6 portions and freeze in small tupperware boxes so I can defrost one at a time. It's a great way to make sure you stay syn-free on the go!

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