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Off on my holidays tomorrow!!!!

I'm finally off on my hols tomorrow (ok I'm just staying at a gatwick hotel over night before my flight the next day but it still counts!!!:D).
Didn't really lose as much weight as I hoped but I did manage to get into my 16's as hoped, so I'm happy enough.
It's been really hard adding the food back in over the last couple of week (been eating 'normally' for the last 4 days) because everytime I ate something I felt really guilty! Has anyone else whos built their food back up felt like this? It doesn't help that I know I've already put 1 1/2lbs back on even though I've been having nothing but salads and I've been very careful with my portion sizes!:mad:
I can't wait to leave tomorrow because I see it as a cut off date for eating properly, I'm on holiday so I can eat (in moderation!), this is the theory any way! lol
I'll see you all when I get back from Florida, I don't know what I'm going to do without MiniMins for 2 whole weeks!!!!:eek:
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Enjoy your hol in Florida-don't suppose you have room in you suitcase for me do ya lol


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Can i just say that 1.5 lbs is not bad going for eating for 4 days.
These are usally the danger zone days when ur body acts most like a sponge to normal food and drink.

Now sorry to ask this (off topic) but i am just this very moment looking for a hotel for an overnight stay in Gatwick before my flight (at end of may), which hotel are u going to?
We're staying at the Sofitel, it used to be a Le Meridian so is meant to be very nice. We got a package deal which has our 2 weeks parking included for £169.00 which we booked through superbreak.com.


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I was actualy just looking at those and the Gatwick Hilton. Tehy're both so close to the airport.

Thanks for the tip!

Have a lovely time.
I personally would never step foot in a Hilton they ruined my wedding day by losing my reservation (even though I confirmed it with the the day before on the phone and via e-mail) and then they accused me of just walking in off the street and trying my luck to get a room for nothing out of them (I always walk around the streets in a full wedding gown...don't you!!!).
Sorry going off on one now! I just wouldn't stay at a Hilton even if someone paid me to!


Step away from the chips!
Have a fantastic holiday & well done on getting into the size 16s!


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Have a great holiday. I went to Florida 5 years ago this June and just loved it. I'm dying to go back again.
I took my little girl 4 years ago but she doesn't remember much of it. She's 8 this time so she should remember everything! Can't wait to see her in disney this time, she's having a princess makeover.
I have been 3 times over the last 10 years and love it there. Def best holidays ever!

You are never too old for Disney are you lol.

My Daughter is 2 1/2yrs and I can't wait for her to get a good age so we can take her. Least we have a while to save up!

We might take her Euro Disney next year so she can meet the characters.
Have a great holiday! I'm dying to hear how you get on with eating etc coz I am going in September and I'm scared I'll just pile it all back on in two weeks! The 1 1/5lbs could just be water weight or something. Long as your clothes are still fitting don't worry about it and enjoy yourself
Have a greast time, I went last year 3 weeks of bliss. Just have a great time, and well done on the weight loss.
Not as bad as I thought, just had my weigh in...I've only gained 1/4lb this week! Happier start to my holiday than I thought (ignore the fact I just started my holiday eating in style with KFC! woops!!!:eek:).
Have a fab time. Are you going to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins? Did this a couple of years ago with kids and they loved it. It is a really relaxing break in the midst of running around the theme parks.

I'm sure your daughter will love all the Disney parks.
Not going to discovery cove but I'm going to their new new water park Aquatica which looks really nice and relaxing but great fun at the same time. They have a water slide that goes right through the middle of a tank with black and white dolphins in it!

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