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Off topic - body reshaping surgery


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Well - a bit off topic.

Since a lot of us are presumably doing this dieting to feel better about ourselves, reshape our bodies and learning to like ourselves

Has anyone also considered surgical enhancement?

I am making a real effort here to learn to like myself and I do like the thinner me - the fact I could buy a size 12 dress - the fact I bought a dress when for 14 years I have worn jeans and a baggy tshirt - although I have yet to actually wear it in public - lol.

But, OH and I were discussing boob jobs. Not a full on insert of a wobbly silicone lump - I do not like the idea of that, foreign substance in my body. But, you can get fat sucked out of your butt and inserted into your boobs. That sounds ok to me. Since having 2 kids, things just don't have the shape or 'poise' they had before, and I am debating whether to 'replump them'.

My DD who is 5, tad her friend the other day that 'mummy has enormous boobies, but they just hang'. :cry:

Any thoughts?
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i would def get my arms done and a boob job - but i'm hoping to get pregnant within the next couple of years, so no point doing it til after that, and if we do get duffed up, we won't be able to afford it for years and years.

My arms would be my priority - i can't spend my life wearing cardigans.

my boobs are huge, but i'm worried they'll look like emptied out binbags - so a reduction and lift, if they no longer look ok in a low cut top and a good quality bra.

after that, maybe an apronectomy / tummy tuck? dunno. it's not an area anyone ever sees except my OH, so it doesn't seem that important. ditto bum and thighs.


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I have looked to having boobs done I was a 40G and I breastfed my 2 girls with that and the weight loss I'm a 36d but they feel so empty. I don't want to be bigger and I'm not fussed about have fat put in but the lift they can do by removing a key hole shape of skin sounds great to me, it's just I don't think I could do it lol


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I certainly don't want mine bigger, 36DD is still too much although OH would not agree. But they could do with some filler!


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This is something I have been considering long and hard for some time now When I got to target last time I found I could tolerate my tummy and thighs as they were not as flat/firm as I would of like them. My personal trainer at the gym said they will improve with time.

However I absolutely hated my breasts :(. I loved having a full shapely chest all my life and when they got small and dare I say it saggy I was totally depressed. My OH was not bothered and tried to persuade me that the health benefits and use of a good bra far outweighs everything. But I have promised myself that when I get to target I'm having an uplift :D. I would prefer not to have any implants but if necessary I will.

Coincidently we were watching tv last night and a lady was having a breast lift and tummy tuck. He made me laugh when
he said she should of left her breasts but that her tummy "really needed going". So I asked him what about my tummy and he said oh no yours was fine. You just need to concentrate on exercising!!

I'm still having my breast done though and I can't wait :)
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How sweet is your OH? Totaly darling. My Oh on the other hand (who has no ability to apply the brakes to his inner monologue) politely tells me how much he hates my "overhang"....

I would get my belly done, but I think I have a nice bum and dispite breast feeding 2 children and going up to a 42 F, they return to a fairly manageable 36 DD, but I guess they are not perky like before, but they are symetrical!

I always toy with the idea of getting laser lippo, has anyone tried that?


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Funnily enough I brought a deal through Groupon for £1,400 instead of £4,000 for smart lipo. I intended to lose weight before the redemption time expired but was not successful. I was also researching further on the clinic that offered the procedure and I was getting nervous because the reviews weren't great :eek:. Lucky for me the company closed down ( I don't know why) so I got my money back :D.

I'm still open to having some work done. I've heard good things about Vaser lipo which also does skin tightening :D :D But I'm working out really hard so hopefully I won't need too much work lol.

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