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Off Topic: How did you meet your other half?


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Hi lshafik!!

Thought i'd indulge you as i'm madly in love with my OH, although afraid it's not an overly romantic story!!! (Although i like it anyway!! Hahaha!)

An ex of mine had gotten in touch and arranged to meet for coffee, only he stood me up (Typical!) I went for lunch with a friend of mine and was spouting the virtues of being single, and telling her how i was finally happy being single etc etc (and that the ex was a pain in the bum!) Then the ex rang apologising, and invited me to a friends birthday drinks that night.
I went along, and met my OH, who was a friend of my exes cousin (All a little convoluted!!)

Always reminds me of the butterfly quote "You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder."

For 2 years i'd been single, that afternoon i'd finally accepted it and was happy, and an hour later had met the love of my life!! Hahahaa!!

That's life, right?! Always brings the unexpected!!! (And i begrudgingly had to thank the ex, cos without him i may never have met my OH!)

Love and hugs xxxxx


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My story isn't so romantic! I met my OH at work while we were training. However being a commitment phobe at the time I broke it off after 4 months but after that weirdly enough we spent more time together but as friends. During this time we fell for each other even more and so rekindled the romance after 2 months lol 5 years later we are still together and getting married next year!

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Hi, will tell you my story! I'd just started working at new place and the girls their were really friendly so invited me out for a few drinks with them unfortunately I couldnt make it as I had a migraine and one of the other girls also couldnt make it so we decided to have our own night out just the two of us! I hadnt been single for very long and was enjoying being single. Anyway after work we just went into the town centre for a few drinks and once in the pub I noticed this guy keep looking me and could feel his eyes burning in the back of me - my friend kept taking the mick I just laughed it off -anyway i popped to the loo and when I came back this 'guy' had pulled a chair over and was sitting next to mine - anyway this 'guy' became my husband and we've been married for 7years this year and we have a beautiful daughter together x


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YAY - so lovely - all of them...I want more!

I too have accepted singledom...very happy being single...no time for a 'nother half' lol.

I met my OH at work, he started one day and I was his trainer. We were friends for over a year until he came to mine for a bbq with some others from work and we had a heart to heart. He was in a relationship and his then OH went out every weekend without him (he would be babysitter their daughter) and cheat on him. All his friends would tell him but he wouldn't listen....anyway I basically told him with the help of some dutch courage he could do vetter. A few weeks later he'd left the cheater and we went out. Four years later wer very happy and getting married in September! We have his daughter every weekend and she even calls me her step mum to be bless xx


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I went to uni in Leeds in 2008 and before I started a joined a website which was advertised by the uni (sort of a social networking thing) and started talking to my OH randomly as he was on the same course as me. We chatted for weeks before I moved to Leeds and we ended up becoming really good friends when I started uni. I already had a boyfriend (who also moved to uni at the same time and cheated on me :( ) and we split up and I got together with my OH pretty quickly. Everyone said we wouldn't last and I had some trouble off a girl he used to see at first but we are still together 2 and a half years later and have been living together a year :) just waiting for him to get me a ring now ;) haha


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MrsBurgundy said:
I know *that* feeling!! Hahaha!! xxx
Haha! We have talked about it and i think he's waiting until he has a job after he finishes uni in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!!!!!


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How exciting!!! We've talked about it too but can't see it happening for a few years!!! Xxx


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Mine isn't so romantic - we met online 11 years ago! We met up as friends really, we got on so well. I fancied the backside off him but didn't think he felt the same way as we would laugh so much together - I had a lot of male friends at school too and I kind of felt as though it was heading that way. But a few months later he kissed me and it went from there!
We were together 7 years before he proposed (on holiday in Florida!) we were engaged for 1 year and have been married 3 years in August.
Love him more and more each day - eventhough right now I could throttle him cos he's eating toast with brie on it right in front of me! lol


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just waiting for him to get me a ring now ;) haha
It'll be well worth the wait hun! I was with Simon 7 years before he proposed - now we're married and it's great! x


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My OT Michelle was going out with an ex of mine (brief relationship as was theirs!) I'd met her a couple of times before through mutual friends but only in passing and then I went out with a mutual friend and she came as well, we got on really well and started to spend loads of time together as friends, her and my ex broke up as there wasn't really much in it anyway and we spent more time together. We slept together and then the ex asked her back out so she thought she'd try again, they lasted a week! And in that week I spoke to her for hours on the phone every day and she said that every time her phone went off and it was him she was a little disappointed that it was him and not me! After they broke up we started sleeping together more and then she left some stuff at mine and then we went on holiday with friends, we decided to go for a walk on the beach late at night and whilst walking she held my hand, it was right then walking along a beach in lanzarote that I realised there was no going back, we either got together or stopped sleeping with each other.

When we got back we decided to get together and over a year on we live happily with our little man, we're going to get married and we are about to start trying for our second child by donor.

I am crazy in love with her and can't imagine ever living without her.


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At Salsa class, if you'd believe. Saw him across a crowded room, then spent 6 weeks running slow enough for him to catch me. Bless him :)
I had been living in Cyprus for 5 years, fantastic life, small house in the middle of nowhere, 3 dogs, horse, great friends and social life and many evenings sitting on the balcony with candles a good bottle of chilled white and great music having me time! I had friends with benefits but no interest in a relationship as I was enjoying being alone for the first time in 15 years.

A friend of mine was dating a guy who was a Financial Advisor and he was bringing some clients over to look at investments on the Island, I was invited along to answer questions about how it was living on the Island.

I started talking to a man and 10 hours later we were still talking, at the end of the evening we said goodbye we did not exchange numbers as he was living in Holland which was a 4 hour flight away just said "that was a lovely evening and if you come back we must catch up again".

The following day my friend called me saying that "James would like your number can I give it to him?" I said yes why not thinking he lives in Holland I live in Cyprus it's safe enough.

2 Months and after nightly 3 hour phone calls he came over for a fortnight to visit me again, we had a fantastic time and on the night before he went back up in a restaurant in the mountains we admitted that we were in love with each other.

I arranged to visit him in Holland for New Year and again we had a fantastic time, the day I was due to leave I got a call saying that the job interview I was due to have had been put off for three weeks so I stayed on.

Two weeks later he asked me to move to Holland to be with him, on the 16th January I flew back to Cyprus and in 5 days rented out my house, sold all my furniture, sold my car, put the dogs into quarantine in preparation to fly to Holland, sold my horse to my best friend.

On the 24th January I flew back to Holland, on the 3rd March the Dogs flew into Holland.

That was 10 years ago and we are still stupidly in love and very vary happy:D

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