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Offices = Food


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I've recently changed jobs. I'm now working in a Recruitment office, they eat more than ever. Prior to this I was working for companies, surrounded by continuous buffett's and having a restaurant within the work-place.

Now, as there are few of us, the girls in my office order in breakfast in the morning take it in turns to go out for treats during the day, go out for lunch and bring food back....... food is everywhere!

Why are offices like that?

How do you guys deal with office work or any work whilst surrounded by food?

Its making the diet even harder. Caved on the diet last night and ate carrots with gravy (how bad is gravy for you? :()

I'm so jealous as the girls who eat none stop at work are all slim too... I've never particually snacked in my life and I love fruit and randomly healthy food and its what I've had the majority of my life... without sounding melo-dramatic and self-centred it really is unfair how weight effects some more than others.

Moan over, just wondered how people deal with these food situations. I wont list the foods that was being past around today but trust me, it was to die for :wave_cry: xx
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oooooo... I know what you mean. I work in a special needs school. Because the parents have enough to do in the mornings we provide the children with breakfast etc. I've got a little kitchen in my classroom...you ought to see the food in there! It's packed of yummy stuff. There are also a lot of nursing staff in my classroom and they are the worst. One of the carers is a mean cake maker and she makes cakes for the class. Today one of my pupils had a birthday party...cake, biscuits, crisps... and I had to sit through it all! Also the girls have chippy day on a Friday.....needless to say I make myself scarce at dinner times!!


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I work with food all day every day then have to come home and cook for my kids. It is a nightmare at times but you just have to realise that you want to be thin more than you want to eat the food. It takes a lot of self control but you can do it if you want to.

try telling yourself you will have whatever it is once youre finished the diet. The food can easily be bought/made again in the future but if you break the diet can you actully get back into it?

I did lose the plot with my diet and its been extremely hard to get back into it. I started eating again in december tried numerous times to restart but failed miserably. I blamed the fact I'm permanently surrounded by food but really I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to do it again. I ate whatever I wanted cos I felt thin and could have what I wanted and frankly ate too much. you don't want to end up struggling like that by giving in do you? You're doing really well, just ignore the food and take pride in the fact that you're not giving in.

it is unfair that some people just don't gain weight and others do, but unfortunately you must be one of the unlucky ones (as I am). I always just imagine theres something really unhealthy about the ones who at everything and stay skinny, it makes me feel better lol
Working in an office is the absolute worst place for this diet i feel. When im at home or out and about there is still food but its easier to deal with. At work there always team lunches, birthdays/events/leaving dos. General going to lunch with people. Its horrible the whole time!!! Not only is it hard as the food is around you but also for the fact that your dieting is shown loud and clear to everyone as your either have nothing or sit there with a tetra/bar. I do think it makes it a lot harder. Rant over now - sorry :)


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Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this thread, just found it!

I hope you're all finding it easier this week. Ceri, your job sounds a satisfying job yet soo difficult with the food. So cute you got your own lil kitchen for the lil ones :) same goes for you Kati. Very commendable jobs!

Food is still circulating our office, and there is a stash already for monday. Pfft! Found it easier today as people weren't picking quite as much... only 4 people were in work though lol. Deary me. Oh well I'm more positive about it today (after I've not long had a chicken kebab lol)

Take care folks xx
Im in exactly the same situation, my office revolves around food, Ive already had a text tonight asking what butties we are having in the morning!!!!!!!!!!

I really think its a case of staying tough, I ss'ed for 5 months and managed it, but boy it was tough!!

You just need to focus on the prize ahead, the food isnt going to go away, you can still have some when you are at your gaol weight, like me, Im having a butty tomorrow, however, they will all go for treats, sarnies, chips etc at lunch, and Ill be there with my low cal soup, and have planned my salad for tea.

The prize you are aiming for is so much nicer than the food that will last all of 5 minutes, trust me, Ive been there!!!


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Well done canireallydothis, thats brilliant! And you look so fantastic! You don't look as if you need to even lose anymore (I know its personal choice and what makes you feel better but you do look great.)

You're completely right though its just down to the individual and their mind-set. Its just switching the will power on isnt it. Tonight I admit after weighing in I had a kebab, I'm going to start doing it as an after-weigh thing while I'm finding this diet difficult and I have to be honest that kebab has kept me going all week long. I didn't have my 3rd CD product tonight and I was just thinking "mmm i really fancy one now as pudding..." I thought about it about 4 x's then it just clicked "no, I can't I can have one tomorrow..I'll just have a fag" so fags aren't so good for you but on this diet, its been my savior.

Kath, that is amazing. I have always been a picker when I've cooked anything before for a chef to lose all that weight......wow! Its people like your sister who show the world "we can do this!" x


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I just ate 2 bars. Wtf? After what I just said :( So thats 3 bars today, 1 tetra and one very large kebab. Will stick to it tomorrow :(


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I know what you mean about the office thing.
Ours revolves around food.
Sweets are always being passed around, we have birthdays and Friday Feasts.
The people that eat the most at our office are really thin too.
They also are the ones that say go on you can have a bit it wont do any harm argh.
That said last time I was ssing once I was in ketosis I was obsessed with cooking loads of food for everyone.
I had people to dinner once a week, made fresh pizza, bread and cakes all the time ans never touched.
I genuinley wanted people to enjoy the food.
When I had my birthday at work I baked cakes and sausage rolls and all sorts and didnt touch a bite.
I dont know if I will be the same now I can only hope so.

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