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Official diagnosis-blocked bile duct...nice!

Well, after a couple of weeks of being yellow, itching like mad, feeling feverish, having nor appetite (bonus!) and being completely exhausted it turns out I've not been complaining about nothing.

I've been told I have a blocked bile duct. The next question is, what is it blocked with? There are all kinds of things it could be and I'm trying to steer away from looking on the internet too much for fear of scaring myself. Got to go for tests to find out where it is and if I'll need surgery/other treatment etc.

Trying not to worry. Just want to be well and enjoy myself :-((

Anyone had any experience of this? Dr thinks it's not gall stones as I don't have any other syptoms of that but who knows, I'm a medical mystery!!
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Well at least you have a diagnosis now RR and you are now on the right path to getting it all sorted ..... like LS I too had been wondering if you knew what it was yet so fingers crossed that they get you all sorted asap!

Let us know how it's going. x


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That sounds, well, a strange thing!! But at least they have something to work on now and can get you fit again. Chin up and keep in touch.

Purple Hugs

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((hugs)) surgery is a road to recovery, be good to yourself though and treat yourself to some lovely things to go into hospital with (pj's, refreshing facewashes etc).. Check out if you are allowed a laptop ;) and you'll be entertained here when you are up and around a little more.

The great news is.. if you have to go through surgery.. you're at goal and therefore not a high risk to anaesthetic anymore! ((Hugs))

I had gall stones in my bile duct, and had my gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery. Was in hospital for a week and up on my feet after 2 days, so it could indeed be a lot worse..

Being overweight is a BIG part of gall stones unfortunately ((hugs)). I didn't know that till I had them myself.

Really hope they are able to operate soon for you and you start to recover ((hugs))
the doctor doesn't seem to think it is gallstones. Trying not to think the worst but what else could it be? Have looked on the internet (bad idea I know) and it doesn't look very promising at all if it's not gallstones. I really hope the Dr is wrong and that's what it is and not something more sinister
Only doctors should look at the internet MRs....now stop that!! Easier said then done, but no point working yourself up without the knowledge of a doctor - many many things share the same symptoms.

Hang tough, know they are on it now, and you should be getting treatment to improve.

All the best!!


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