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OH BOY ... day 3

Hi everyone.

Started day 3 today and I thought it would be much easier since I was back at work..

No cravings and I'm not feeling hungry, I'm drinking away at the water but I really want to eat... I have no cravings for a particular food.. just making stuff for my DS and the smell of someone elses' food ... I want to eat it... I want to eat ANYTHING so long as I'm eating. I've been having a few sneaky WI and I know I'm doing well but I'm not sure if I can stick to this long term.

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Don't give up Delly, we've all been exactly where you are now and can sympathise with how you're feeling......but we didn't give and neither should you!
Thanks SandraB... Got my son's supper sorted out and had my last shake and don't feel too bad now A glass or two of sparkling water helped as well.. Have a slight headache but none of the bad breath you're supposed to get when your in ketosis... is this the start of it maybe? My pharmacist didnt offer me ketosticks so I've no idea if I am in ketosis or not.

I'm really disappointed too that I can't seem to tolerate the chicken soup flavour. It made coming home in the evenings easier to manage cos I felt that I was having something "proper" to eat for my dinner. These past two nights I've been having the soup and about an hour or so afterwards I have bad bloating and cramps in my stomach so I think it's affected my IBS. I dont even know if my pharmacy does the flapjacks for me to try instead. I'm not too fussed on the chocolate so it looks like vanilla and strawberry for me.:(
Delly, if you can't stomach the soup, I can't either, have you tried a mug of bouillon? Ok so it's not officially allowed but a lot of us have a mug occasionally with seemingly no less weight loss! There was a very long thread debating the subject a few weeks back, see if you can locate it and make up your own mind!

Ketosis is bound to kick in very shortly, don't worry, just stick with it x
Thanks for that Sandra.. I have to admit, I'm feeling very downhearted today. I can't see how I can possibly stick to this long term. Its now 11.30 and I've managed to overcome the need to eat but I'm feeling very very hungry.! I think the soup did a wonderful job at filling me up and keeping me satisfied to beyond bedtime even if it did give me cramps.

I'm going to stick to this until my week is up and speak to my pharmacist and see where to go from here.
Delly, if you can get through the first week then honestly sweetheart, you'll have cracked it! Seriously, everyone doing this will tell you exactly the same...... Lots of us, me included, had a couple of false starts! Ie did a day or two then caved in, started again, maybe caved in again! I started on 3 consecutive days before I finally managed a whole day......now it's the last day of my eighth week! I'm back wearing size 12 and 14's and I just wish that I had started it a couple of months earlier.

Big problem for me is feeling cold all the time, so late afternoon I have 500mls of bouillon, warms me up no end and helps me last out until the OH gets home and we have 'dinner' x
delly hun, sandra is right. stick with it and you will see for yourself how wonderful this diet is.
even i thought i couldnt do it but now am nearly ending my 2nd week and it does get easier and when you see the weight drop off, you will be very pleased. dont think of it as a long term diet, take a day at a time, cross the days off in a calender and concentrate on your weigh ins, and best of all things, is coming on here, i do that every hr or so even when am at work. it helps a lot and we are here to support each other on our journey and if we're together we can all do it.
good luck in anything you do hun.
Thank you so much for your answers Sandra B and WBS... I really struggled yesterday. I have to admit, I was going to give up the ghost completely this weekend and just refeed. I'm a strong person and I've gone through an awful lot in my life but I wasn't sure if I could do this!

I really have been taking every day one day at a time. It really is the only way you can do this. I tried the coconut crapjack today.. it's BLEUGH but it satisfied my desire to eat. Haven't been too cold today but I've been really really tired. Suppose it didn't help that DS landed into my bed sometime in the middle of the night and took over.

I think (& hope) it'll be an early night for me.
im on day 3 and to be honest i could not stomack the chicken soup and was dreading dinner time, but i changed them today 4 the chocolate one and now i dont mind it, and when im getting hungry i start sippin on my water bottle till it goes away
Thanks sullycork.. I've been doing a lot better today. Chicken soup tasted vile but the strawberry shake was yummy... go figure. I think it really depends on your day which one you prefer.

Another comment on the coconut flapjacks...... the gift that keeps on giving ... and giving ... and giving... once was bad enough but repeating on me all night. I'll be back at the chemist this week to swap the other one for something else!

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