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Oh crikey, what have I done (contains lots of food)

Having had a fabulous 1st week weight loss, I was losing nothing by the 4th day of the second week, but still motivated. I went to a BBQ yesterday and resolve went out the window. During the day (it started at 12 noon and went on till 1.30am!) I ate chicken, salad, salmon, king prawns (lots), three handfuls of peanuts and just to top it all off, a slice of bailey's cream cake. Added to that, I drank weak white wine and soda all day and topped that off with a very large glass of baileys to finish.

Feeling totally ashamed of myself today (as well as being hungover and dehydrated). Tested for Ketosis and it is showing deep purple. Not sure what this means. So worried now that I have started on the slippery slope, despite not even having completed the 2nd week.

Has anyone else got through this kind of slip up?
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Hi Alexandria sorry to hear about your blip.Think you just need to put it right behind you and start glugging the water and start a freash this morning.I know it wont be easy, so keep busy today.Fingers X let me now how you get on today i will be popping on and off here all day if you need to chat or vent :0)


Don't worry, be happy :)
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Hey Alexandria,
i'm not on cambridge but i just wantedto say


Draw a line under last night and start a fresh today, if you start eating now you'll only get into a slippery cycle of 'well i've done it now so i'll continue' and all the hard work out of the window. Think of how crap you feel now and know that you never want to feel like that again (at least until your at goal ;)).
Come on you can do this, deep down you know that you want to be thinner more than you want the food.

Regarding the ketosis sticki think the dark purple means that your severely dehydrated, probably due to the alchohol.

Now get back on the wagon, you'll be so happy you did. good luck with your journey :).
Hiya Alexandria.
The important thing is to make sure you dont think of it as a 'mistake' or a 'disaster' or that you have 'blown it' you haven't and it isn't. We are all learning how to treat our bodies and our minds properly and it is impossible to do this in the space of a couple of weeks.
You could compare it to a child spelling a word incorrectly in a test, you would spell it correctly and show the child how to spell it next time. Thats whats happened to you. You spelt it wrong, but you wont next time.
Lynne x


is going to loose!
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Alex it's back on the road trip from here on in and no stopping a BBQ's! hehe.

No seriously day 3 for me and only wish I was into my second week. Guzzle that water I've drunk lots already I think 3ltrs+ as it's the end of the day for us over here in OZ. I'll pop in later also.



please try again
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step away from those scales!

you say theyve not moved in four days, u should only be weighing on ur cdc's scales as if you think youve not lost anything then you get in the mind frame of why am i not eating if im not gonna lose anything

yesterdays over with so continue like it didnt happen. back on the straight and narrow and give the scales away!
I had a few blips before i got control, but honestly is not worth it because the weight stops or gains and the water retention comes right back and you can be adding pounds before you know it.

STOP NOW! im on 4th week and lost over a stone so if that dont motivate you i dont know what will - this diet will change your life so stick with it or it wont work.

The deep purple is probably indicating that your dehydrated.


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i have had a the same thing my 2nd week, ended up eating. my target is to hit 4lb loss every week, and as u can see i lost nada 2nd week. feel really crap. BUT im now starting this week afresh. I CAN DO IT, and so CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry everyone, didn't get chance to get back on here yesterday. Thanks for all of your support. Managed to glug 4 litres yesterday and back on shakes. Feel so much better, but I must admit, I still have that sinking feeling that once I am let loose, I just go mad!
Sumayya, I don't weigh in every day, I weigh in three times a day, totally obsessed. Funny how I ignore the scales when I am not dieting. WI tomorrow and dreading it, will let you know how I get on (as a warning to everyone who is tempted to cheat, lol)x

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