Oh dear. A couple of Christmas pounds.


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Who cares? I've had a nice time, eaten everything I wanted to eat and to be honest, I thought the scales would have gone bang when I stood on them but it's only showing one or two pounds over ten stone...

However, I do 'feel' fatter than that, I'd have guessed at half a stone. Why is that then? Is it guilt? I feel like I've got a big fat tum and a spare tyre but I can't have. My clothes aren't tight but I swear I can feel fat...

I've decided that when I go back to work on Jan 5th I'm going to do a week or two on LT, to detox if nothing else.

For those who don't 'know' me, I have done refeed and been eating normally for weeks and weeks but come in here for the discipline of looking at my weight chart and to also let people know that once you've lost your weight, it doesn't fly back on if you eat sensibly and normally.

Anyone who has 'cheated' over Christmas don't despair, you have done Christmas, not committed a serious crime so don't be too hard on yourself.

Zayna x
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Really pleased to see this post. Its nice to talk to someone whos maintaining their weight. How are you finding it? I've just restarted after a 4 week break and I'm half way through my weight loss!

I now what you mean about body image. While on holiday I did not put on a lb, but because I was eating and drinking (fairly sensibly), I thought I looked like I'd put on weight. Maybe it takes a while to get used to our new bodies? XX


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You could be right, I am still getting used to my new body, still taking bigger sizes to the changing rooms and finding them much too roomy. Ha.

I am finding life after LT fairly easy, it is easy enough to refuse treats and realise I am full and have eaten enough. Christmas was different, my partner was away and I was feeling sorry for myself, also drank rather more than normal, but Christmas is not a normal time!

I just want to shrink my tummy down a bit, but I'll wait till next week to be strict when I'm in a better routine.

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
S: 13st13lb C: 11st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.41%)
I know what you mean about clothes I'm still trying 16's (previously 18-20) and my husband will say try a 14. I am still amazed it fits, I feel like a fraud wearing 14's:confused:. XX


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well done on your positive attitude and ya will be able to take that off again anyways!! I gained a massive 8lbs, ah well


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hey Zayna glad to hear your still doing so well, i feel like you iv only put on 2lbs over xmas which is amazing when i think what iv ate and drank!! but i still feel its more must be a psycological (excuse the spelling) thing
for all of you doing the tfr please dont panic about eating again ivbeen off tfr now for 3 months and have just been eating healthier and have maintained, i have knowingly over indulged over xmas(but who doesnt) and have only put on 2 lbs!