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Oh dear - fell off completely!!

Made the mistake of having a nibble of the freshly made flapjack in the staffroom, and couldn't stop. God knows how many syns I had.

I'm very dissapointed with myself as this is the first major slip up I've had this year. :mad:

Anyway - I'm figuring that there isn't anything I can do about it now, apart from climb back on my SW Waggon NOW (none of this tomorrow stuff) and do my best for the rest of the week. Have made SW kebab, salad and chilli sauce ready for supper when I get back from my Tap class. Beating myself up isn't really going to help at all.

Just needed to 'confess my syns' so that I can move on. Thanks x
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Sounds like you are over it already and focused on being 100% again tomorrow. Well done on it being your first major slip up of the year. I wish I could say the same;)

Sometimes a little blow out does us good. Gets it out your system and makes you realise how much you want it. As long as we get back on wagon asap no real harm done. Sure you will be fine :)
Did you enjoy it? ;)

You know what to do-draw a line and start straight back on with it, you have you SW meal planned so already doing that! Thats the hard bit when you slip slightly-not letting it snowball. Well done
Think I'll be a bit antisocial and check my emails or something instead of joining the others in the cake and biscuit zone today - and will hit the salad bar for lunch.

I really want to do this.

Am cheered by the fact that this morning (for some unknown reason) I tried on the lovely origional 1950's dress that I bought at a Vintage Fair last November and couldn't fit into. AND it did up. Still a little on the snug side, but if I keep going it'll fit like a dream ready for spring.
Well done for posting- that is your virtual 'line' drawn now. Don't beat yourself up- give yourself a hug, tell yourself it's fine and move on.

Only positivity gets you through to the end, so no negative mental bullying about a couple of flapjacks. Concentrate on the thoughts of how wonderful you will feel when you wear that dress to get you though

Noodles and veg and salad, with fruit and yog for lunch, and fruit for break apart from mini cupcake (synned obviously), but back in control - so far.

No mental self-bullying, just hoiked myself back on. Phew!!
least you recovered pretty immediately honey - could have been like me - 6 days of failure!!! i bet it was super yummy, and wont wreck your loss this week xxx
Might not be tooooo bad anyway :
Biscuits, sweet, Flapjack, fruit, 60g medium 13½ 13½ 13½
Just as an afterthought: Last year I put a flapjack recipe in the recipe section- they are 1 HEB and half a syn each, and really yummy

Just in case you feel the need again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done for getting back on it though, mate

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