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Oh dear!! Found some more 'before' pics today!!

you look so different.....
if it wasn't for your glasses i wouldn't have a clue that was you!

mind you, you do look like you were having a good laugh that night - you obviously know how to enjoy yourself!!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Personally I quite like the laugh picture... Maybe you can't see what I can see... To you it may look horrendous, or some such... but I can see a person who's happiness is shining through, it's a beautiful person there.
I see the same

It looks like a genuine laugh and you DO look good Poppy xxx
You just look better now. ;)
Oh, my!! You lot made me feel all emotional!! Lovely sentiment Snanna, but you are too kind really - but your model comment did make me giggle!

LS - thanks for those lovely words, coming from you they mean a lot! My name was just from always loving the name Poppy, and when I was trying to find a username for something they were all taken and I just kept going through 'pretty' words until I came up with one that wasn't taken! My real life name is Nikki by the way!! LOL!!

I'm so chuffed with your comments, and believe me, I can truly see and feel the complete change in me and do appreciate it! That night, although I might have looked confident, and although I did have a really good time out with my work colleagues, I recall us going on to a few bars in Liverpool and standing and trying to be invisible while my friends were chatted up. I loved the meal while it was just us girls, but hated the pubs because I felt very self conscious!

Thanks again girls, because you really are an inspirational and supportive lot!! This journey has been 100% easier with the help of Minis!!
Oh, and LS - I still say to myself religiously three things:

*It's only food
*Tomorrow is another day

and finally, from the very inspirational LS

*Be the person you were designed to be

Love that last one and it's regularly helped me with my motivation when it might have been slightly lacking!!

Nik x
Poppy - you did look great that night! You look like someone who loves life, and has a very happy inner child alive and well!! :D As SB said, you just look better now, but you were beautiful then too. Sometimes photos capture the true essence of someones spirit and sometimes they don't. Yours do.

Your a star Mrs. A real star and an inspiration.

Well done you!!!

Poppy - I have to agree with everyone else - you did look great that night - full of energy, life and fun. You are a start to have achieved all you have. I'm sure you are still full of energy, life and fun - just in a different body that adds a lot of extra confidence as well. You look great. Inspirational. xx


Is back in the saddle!
I've told you before, you're one of my inspirations and it's amazing what you've achieved!! I, and a lot of others are stepping in your footsteps.

I think I read somewhere that you are my height and looking at your Ticker I think it works out as about my starting weight too (I love the stats on here!!!).

Thanks for posting more pics. And yes you did look lovely then too!
You still looked gorgeous hun!

Emma xXx
You look like you had a real good night in those pictures poppy!

I echo what the other's said, you certainly didn't look horrendous, but (and you know I mean this 100% nicely) you do look much healthier now :)

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