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Oh dear! I think I'm going through the Change


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I'm 48 now and it's been a while since my last period. As my husband had the snip quite a few years ago I can only think I must be starting the menopause. I've been reading up about it and it all sounds very depressing, especially about weight gain around the belly.

I'm not far off target now but it looks like it's going to be very hard work to get there. I definitely want to lose at least another half stone as I'm still not entirely happy with my shape.

At least I seem to be doing all the right things that are recommended for during the menopause - healthy eating and lots of exercise. I've also just had a health check which shows everything as normal. Hopefully my body is at it's best for dealing with all the changes that are going to happen to it.

I'm going to stay committed to SW and exercise and just accept that it's going to be a bigger challenge but one that I can achieve. It will just take me longer. I'm so glad I started SW when I did otherwise who knows how big I might have ended up being.
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I'm a few years younger than you (45 next month) & I think I'm starting too. My sisters both started in their early 40s so I'm not surprised. For the first time in my life my tummy is a bigger size than the rest of me (my top half was always at least a size smaller but no longer thanks to my big tum).

My periods have been pretty irregular the past few months. I went almost three months without one but then they started up again & now I never know when one is due. I'm dreading the night sweats - I guess it's all downhill now!
Hi all, I started the change about 8 years ago at the age of 43. Its great, no periods to worry about. Have lost 2 stones, have more energy, go to Curves gym at least 4 or 5 times a week. No night sweats or flushes. Just wear cotton and keep window slightly open at night. Don't take HRT or anything. Don't worry its not that bad. Just think of the freedom.
think you've been lucky.I had sweats,moods,weight gain,bloating etc etc-like being a old overweight teenager. A friend told me about ladycare and been wearing them for about a year -so much better.


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I won't be allowed HRT anyway as I had blood clots in my lungs many years ago. As a precaution I have never been allowed on the pill & won't be able to take HRT.

Stories like yours are rare. I really hope my menopause is as straightforward! And yes, I'm REALLY looking forward to no more periods!


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I'm 47 this year and dreading the menopause. I think my Mum was 48 when she went through the change. Won't miss periods but I'm dreading hot flushes, especially at work, it gets too hot and stuffy in the office already. They say it can be harder to lose weight after the menopause, but it's certainly not impossible.


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MandyX, thank you so much for that. I've heard so much doom and gloom about the menopause it's great to hear that it isn't that bad for everyone.

Jan, lets hope we got off easily and don't have too many of the nasty symptoms.

I weighed myself this morning and despite a major flexi syn weekend away at my friend's, I'm only 0.2lbs heavier than last Wednesday morning. However, by the time I get to weigh in later this morning my weight will be completely different and I expect to have gained half to one pound. Hopefully I'll lose it again by next week.
I'm 48 and have been through the menopause for a while (started it at 38). Its fine.

I had soya milk for a while as it seemed to help with the hot flushes but have never been on HRT. The weight round the middle is a pain but you seem to have got to grips with your diet/weight so I wouldn't worry too much.

My bones and joints ache more now but I'm hope losing the extra weight I am carrying will help that. There's some excellient menopause websites out there and forums for support which will also inform you about the perimenopause as well.

Good luck.xx

P.S..... Buy some lightweight cotton nighties as well


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I started menopause at 45.
I didn't realise I would go through it at I had a hysterectomy when I was 29, silly me as they left my ovaries.
At that point I thought I was suffering from depression as I could not stop crying and did not want to talk to anyone or even go to work. I went to the doc about that depression and was put on HRT. I was much better from the beginning of taking them but still had mood swings. Not too many hot flushes but my hubby said I was a changed person and could tell if I forgot to take the HRT. I eventually went from the tabs to the patches but after 5 years weaned myself off them due to the negative publicity on them.
I don't think menopause hampered weight loss as it was steady even then when I first joined SW.
Since then I have had the odd hot flush but nothing drastic, even now at odd times I suddenly flush up and have the odd night sweat but it's bearable.
My mum had no symptoms at all, but she passed away many years ago so never discussed it with her.
My MIL says she had no symptoms and said she believes it's all in the mind. NOT :mad:
Anyway, everyone is different, and we all get through it.
Good luck... and hugs to you!
Thanks Dumpylump and Sonia. My mum died when I was only 18 so I've no idea about how it was for her or even whether she had got to it.

I have had quite a few problems with my knees but they seem to be getting much better now as I've continued with careful exercise. I'm still jogging but not pushing myself too hard and always have at least one rest day in between. I also work out a lot on my Wii but can only get to the gym once a week. I'm having acupuncture on my knees which must be helping as I didn't think my knees would improve so quickly, especially with continued running. I have mild osteoarthritis in my knees so I will never be able to do a lot of running.

I've certainly noticed my skin getting drier. I assumed it was just my age but it could be another symptom.

It's so not fair that men have nothing like this to go through. No periods, no pregnancy or birth and no menopause. At least our mood swings will make them suffer a little bit.


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It's so not fair that men have nothing like this to go through. No periods, no pregnancy or birth and no menopause. At least our mood swings will make them suffer a little bit.
Yes, justice! And suffer they do.. well mine has! :D

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