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Oh dear - it's not yet 2pm and I've only got 5 points left!!


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Make a massive omelette with 2 whole eggs and like 4 egg whites. Lots of sauteed vegetables and roasted 0 point veggies like BNS, swede, carrots, peppers etc. You can even afford to have a little leftover for dessert :D

This is only my second week on WW and only know what I know if you know what I mean?! I've kinda got set menus at the moment and it is generally working well but having had a few too many 'treats' this lunchtime my set menus have gone out the window.

Oh dear, not a good day but hopefully I can keep on track with a few ideas. Although only having 5 points between now and breakfast doesn't seem feasible!!


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See it is a learning curve! I'd say just have a normal meal, draw a line under it and carry on tomorrow! I made the same mistake on my first week- and soon realised!
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And you can always go over today and save some points tommorow, as long as your within your points over the week you will be fine!!! It does take a while to get to grips with things!!


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tonight go for a long walk and notch up some activity points or go swimming and take your mind of food......don't stay in the house or you will end up eating then beating yourself up about how bad you've been - you don't need that pressure - good luck :D
Thanks guys!

I didn't realise I could carry points over - I was 3 under yesterday so I have a bit extra there and of course I'm always going to be 100% tomorrow!!

I think my problem was caused by a mid-week WI which suggested a 2lb gain!! Always dangerous to get on those scales but I do tend to WI about twice a week and sometimes they are just horrid to me!! Anyhows, I'm still within my points (although have made bad choices again) and plan a WW ready meal with lots of free veggies which should only take me about 3 over my allowance - as my bad days go that's not too bad!!

Thanks again.
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do u like curry u could do a veggie one for 0 points x

do you have a recipe for 0 pt veg curry?

I did have one yonks ago but can't remember it
and have done a search but must be having a ditzy moment
cos I can't find it.


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I did that Yesterday. I ended up getting a load of veg (Carrots, swede, cauliflower etc), mashed it all together (0 Points). Fried it in 1 cal spray (One spray) and added 2 points worth of chicken. It was really filling and I enjoyed it.
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ww mediteranean veg pasta is about 4 points and have loads of free veg with it to bulk it out,or quorn cottage pie ( the individual ones ) are around 3.5 points.

We've all done it mate !!
Thanks for the advice and support.

Well, I'm ashamed to say that I have not stuck to my points today despite the advice!!! Things went from bad to worse today and like many I comfort eat so I ate!! Having said that I wasn't as bad as I may have been - previous bad days may have resulted in 1000's of calories consumed. So in some ways I am ok with it all and I have learnt a lesson with regards to WW.

Of course I am now disappointed with myself and hope that Mondays WI isn't too bad.... But draw a line under it and all that. Back on track tomorrow!
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well like i say we've all done it, and like you say draw a line, note the advice given for future reference and off you go !!

Tomorrow is a new day
I think we all have our difficult days
and that is why it is great to come here and just let it all out.

Might take you a day or two to get back on track but you are sounding really positive now.
Well done for not blowing it as you did previously and blowing 1000s of calories.

Put it behind you. :wave_cry:

Good luck for tomorrow:cool:
am sure you will be back on track. :D
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i have just started this week on ww and i did a veg curry with rice for 4 points it has frozen peppers, frozen veg(broccoli,cauli,carrots) a pint of veg stock a couple of table spoons of curry powder all in a pan for about half and hour(till veg is soft)may need cornflour if it needs thickening up (not sure if this has points) not always needed though.

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