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Oh dear! Let me be a lesson to you all.

S: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb
I have lost 30lb altogether now in 10 weeks. I am only about a stone from goal, but decided to come up the plans to get my body used to eating before my holidays.
Well I did a ss+ week, two weeks at 810 and this current week is 1000.
Well it WAS, until I went to a Christening yesterday. I decided I was going to have a day off before I went, but I had no breakfast so that I could save up some calories.

Got there, saw the massive buffet and well, just ate like a pig! It was as though I had to eat everything.

Sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza, crisps, sweets, chocolate, TWO big slices of gateaux, full sugar pop, salted peanuts, quiche, popcorn, and it goes on.
Bought some stuff back with us for later in the evening, and then had another slice of lemon meringue tart.

Just before bed I started to feel rather icky... said to hubby that I had been stupid, and there was having something to eat, and then there was letting food dictate the day! He said he felt a bit naff too, and he wished he hadnt eaten so much. So got in bed vowing to sort myself out with shakes etc today. Lesson learned...

... only my body decided I needed to learn a bit more! Woke up this morning feeling even worse, then got up and spent 20 min in the bathroom throwing up!

Feel better now, and I will NEVER EVER do that again. I totally went ott, like a child that can't stop eating garbage! But I paid the price, and made myself feel awful. :cry:

Lots of water now, a shake for breakkie and lunch, then a sensible evening meal i think.
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G: 13st0lb
HI Tinka

Well done on the weight loss so far. What you say made me smile becuase it actually shows how much you have changed. Previously you may not have given it a second thought to go OTT at a buffet, I know I wouldn't in the past.

You are no longer comfortable overeating and that shows how much you have moved on.

And sometimes having a blow out makes us realise how much food used to control us and wil mean you will be even more focused on your goal from now on.

Thanks for a great post!

Keep on keeping on.


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S: 18st10lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 27 Loss: 6st11lb(36.26%)
Well done indeed on the weightloss you have already reached!

Sounds like it was a hard lesson! But, indeed again, it does show how you have changed already.

I wish you goodluck on picking up the pieces today! And just look at the positive thing ;) you'll be extra motivated to keep on track now :D


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Thanks for the warning! Its interesting to think that whilst our binge eating demons may not lurk too far away, hopefully our bodies have relearnt better habits, enough to pill us back in line. At least with that sort of a response to the junk, you're less likely to carry on day after day. Well done you, enjoy your shake! xx


Serial Dieter!
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Oh Dear Tinka!

Still it serves as a reminder that food will always be a challenge for our heads even if our bodies have moved on!

I'm not a one night only bingy person, but I used to be a concerted holiday binger... Eating, drinking and being generally merry was the order of the day! I learnt my lesson the last time I went to Florida and put on 21lb in 2 weeks:eek::eek: and then very quickly regained every single lb I'd lost :cry:

I have been on holiday 7 times since then and I have returned weighing exactly the same as I left from every holiday! I'm also only 21lb from the weight I was before I went on that holiday, now.... In my case it was a long hard lesson that I learned!


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G: 10st7lb
LOL don't worry about the slip up you'll be ok ;).

I ate on holiday lots and now on the straight and narrow again

Chin up and glug that o2



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I had something similar at the weekend with a chinese buffet. I was shocked to find myself on the verge of throwing up after a couple of small plates. But even more shocked at how much I was disappointed in myself.

N it was good chinese too.


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hi Tink

again well done you have done so well and come so far and you have learnt a lesson in a nasty way but you have picked yourself up and started again well done you xx

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