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oh dear oh dear


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I've been very bad :(
It was my birthday on tuesday but ended up being a very extended birthday from friday - wednesday, which is nice in one way as my mum and dad visited, got to go out with friends and had a fab night out with other half but also meant I haven't stuck to plan :( I've had a mexican meal out, a mcdonalds, two boxes of chocolate (and didn't share one!) , fish and chips and loads of alcohol! Haven't weighed and too scared to :(
I'm really cross with myself, I was doing so well and really thought I could handle the whole birthday thing but failed miserably. i'm going to tunisia a week sunday and was really hoping to stick to it till then but I'm rubbish. I really hope I can fit into last years summer clothes as this holiday has wiped us out and I'm skinto! I'm too scared to try them on :( why is this such hard work?
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Don't worry about it, it happens to us all. Over the bank holiday weekend i ate everything that wasn't nailed down and yesterday i attended my nephew's first birthday party and had loads of snaries and the biggest piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen. You just have to draw a line under it and move on. Today is a new day.


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Hi honey, as the others have said, its done, you can't un-do it, but you can make a difference this week before you go away on your holidays. Stick to it this week and you will have a good loss x x
I find letting yourself have a treat once a week works great, but don't over do it, I usually have a shake in the morning and then what I want in the evening (but not excessive)

I tend to mix it up each week, having alcohol one, then maybe a chinese or even just a packet of sweets, it helps keep you sane.
It was my birthday about 2 weeks ago, so I know how you feel as I was much like you - celebrating way too much and not sticking to the plan! Just put it down to a small blip and get back on it as soon as you can, it's ok to have treats sometimes as long as it's not the norm - that's what I think anyway. I say this as I eat mass amounts of cheesecake :D
Don't let it get you down.
Whenever i do this when I'm dieting, I always give up, and think "Oh well, I've ruined it now, what's the point" But that's really silly - just get back on track, and you'll be fine in no time!
never mind coops, it's normal to have slip ups especially on special occaisions. Just put it behind you and keep going you've done so well.

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