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oh dear!

well ladies,

i was bored and started rooting around in my old photos.
found some from a few years ago..........
well i looked bleeding fabulous...
sat and cried and stared at photos, got me to thinking why on earth did i not show some willpower and not pile 7 stone on.
do you ladies every think the same? how did it come to this.
im back on the straight and narrow with sw now, and its a long journey to get back to how i was a few years ago.
will do my best to get there.
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Yes, its horrible isn't it, although you could use it as a positive instead of a negative. You are still that same girl you were then, just with more padding, stick with the diet and you will start to slowly peel back those extra layers.

Pop the pic on the fridge or cupboard and use it as motivation.

I was looking at pics today too and I have found the trigger of my weight gain, it was after my sister in law died, she was only 17 and we were very close. Thats definately when I piled it on and its clear that I am an emotional eater, hard habit to break, but I am trying.
wish im sorry for the loss of your sister in law.At such a young age ,life is so cruel sometimes.

what you put in your post is so right, i am still that same girl, have you noticed society doesnt regonise that though, i got treated so different when i was slim and tanned to how i get treated now,(big as i am im flaming invisable sometimes to people lol)

your right that photo of me is going everywhere with me now, will be worn out by the time i have finished with the flaming thing!!!

I know it can be hard looking back but remember it's not where you've been that matters but where you are going. Use those feelings to help you with your journey and give you the strength and motivation to get where you want to.



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Thank you x

Yes, I have noticed that too, I just feel so blooming fed up with all of it, my confidence is at an all time low. I am going to start going to SW classes, instead of trying to do this alone, but even that feels so hard to do as I am finding it hard to find the confidence to do it. You do find yourself drifting into the background, I am certainly much quieter than I used to be, avoid social situations, as i am just plain embarrased about how I look.

I am so glad your using the picture as motivation it does help honest, I lost 3 stone almost 2 years ago now and a photo of a slimmer, happier me was stuck to my fridge. Unfortunatly, I haven't been well this past year and haven't been able to be as active, hence my weight is creeping up again, just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last week. Have decided I won't be victim to it, so SW classes here I come.

Stay positive hun, and remember you are that same person, don't let the weight make you scared to be who you are, stand strong and you will get to your goal.

Good luck xx
wow porgeous you look blooming fabulous, you looked lovely in first photo. but in secound photo your pretty damn amazing girl.

wish ,good luck with your slimming classes, i think your brave jioning, i went once and didnt go back, decieded to go it alone along with help from this wonderful forum.

dont be feeling down , with a bit of effort we can get ourselfs motavated (spelling on that word has never been good im afraid), and start losing them pounds.

Think everyone has days where you feel great and days when you feel at a alltime low. no matter what your shape or size.

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