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oh dear


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Oooh never mind, least you had a good time :D Now just get back on the packs and you'll soon be flying again :)

good luck
It might not be as bad as you think. I intended to stick to LL on my weeks hol in Spain a couple of weeks ago, took all the packs and a blender!!! Caved in on the plane over!!! But I knew that I would feel terrribly hard done by if I was going to restaurants every night and just watching my family eat, its such a large part of going on holiday. So I gave myself permission to eat Atkins style until the plane got back last Saturday night and feel better because I'm not beating myself up about it.

Try to get it into your mind thats its fine to have eaten on your holiday, its very understandable and that its not going to deter you from your end goal. You'll be in ketosis again in no time (prob 2/3 days) and you've drawn the line under the holiday and focused again. I know what you mean about not eating being so liberating but I've been back from my hols for the week and have been 100% since last Sunday and feel back in the no hunger, no problem zone!!

Hope you feel better soon


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Ok, now it is time to think positive.

Well done for going back on it this morning
Well done for coming onto the forum
Well done for admitting to us all that you have slipped
Well done for going to your meeting this week

Just think how much weight you lost in your first week.

Come on girl you can do it xxx


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Chin up, you're not the only one. We've just got back from a week half board at Butlins with the grandkids. I had all good intentions and took my soups with me but never even got around to opening the bag :(

I caved into the lot (god my cdc lurks, she's bound to catch this confession) candyfloss, ice cream, mcdonalds :rolleyes: and i was dreading getting back on the scales.

Although i've put on - it's reasonable, not as bad as i expected and i'm back SSing now. Mind you, we did a lot of walking which probably helped

I decided on the hols that i was going to enjoy myself and deal with the consequences later and that's what we have to do now. Get back on the straight and narrow ;) and it'll all be coming off again in no time.

At least we are doing something about it now, a year ago i would have put it on and still carried on eating like that and piling the pounds on - i think we all still deserve a pat on the back for doing something about our weight

So a day or so we'll be back in ketosis and it will all be a distant memory and the pounds will be slipping away again :)
thank you for your replys it has really helped.How much did you put on in that week.Did you loose it the week after or are you still on the week afterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I put on four or five pound (i hopped off quickly :sigh:) but i only started SSing again yesterday -you hold liquid anyway as soon as you eat normally so i am expecting it to go this week.


has started again!!
Thanks for this thread. We are off a family holiday to Spain in August. We very rarely splash out on big hols, and this is the first time since our 8 year old was two, that we have taken the kids abroad. (usually we camp over here!)

I am so worried about the food thing,as I will still be on LL by then, with about 3 more stone-ish to lose. At the mo I am thinking of 3 packs and one meal a day, but I so am going to drink. (Not much, bet one glass vino & I'll be a gonner!) Ijust think a glass of wine around the pool in the evening is a must! We have hired a villa with private pool and it has a bbq, so I am hoping to mainly cook chicken, fish etc, with salad & fresh fruit for supper. I do intend on some paella, as I love the real mccoy, but I want to be in control!

Its a real eye opener to read how others manage this type of situation. I know there are those who are totally brilliant and stick to ss-ing religiuosly, but I honestly dont think I will be able. I would rather plan for realistic (for me) targets. Its such a rare thing for us, I want to be part of the family again, and not watching from the sidelines.

Thanks again! And well done all, I reckon it sounds like you all have the right mind-set to do this!

I really wanted to be good but if im honest i knew i wouldnt be.Ive still got 4 stone to loose.I wonder if i will ever be in control or if food will control me for the rest of my lifexx


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same here, i think i had already decided i wouldn't stick to a diet that's why i decided not to beat myself up about it and so made it a conscious decision to eat with my family and then get back on the diet after rather than pretend i was dieting all week and then feeling guilty over anything extra i had.
Although i ate what i wanted, we only had two meals a day although i did drink in the evenings and i didn't have any bread (except the mcD breakfast muffin :eek:) and hardly any potato and i tried to add plenty of salad in my meals.

best thing is to not lose sight of your goals and while this may set me back a week, it doesn't mean i won't get there eventually :D
yesterday didnt happen the way it should ,i was naughty and decided that i would complete my holiday by going out for a meal and drinks etc arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Back on today im dreading it oh well it needs to be done xx:cry:


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Glad you had a good time, and I know what you mean, I had all those good intentions when I went to Amsterdam and I don't know where they went!! But I lost 3, plus last weekend I slipped a bit and this week lost 6!! Yesterday was my dad's birthday and went to my parent's to a party and ate but quite sensibly! And next Saturday it's my birthday and my fiance and my mym have decided we're going for a meal! But what I do is obviously try to keep stuff as low calorie as I can so that I eat less than I need!

I'm sure you'll be fine, you just have to think you'll still shed the weight it just might take a little bit longer, but don't feel bad for eating I think there were only 2 people in our group on thursday that hadn't eaten for the last week - and everyone lost!!



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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Yeah I think everyone was there, it was quite good! Liz talked about when we move to her 'new room' we can bring in our clothes that are too big and swap them with clothes that fit - well that kinda thing!

Like I said most people have eaten and everyone lost so that's cool!



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I'm off to Poland on Wednesday and have planned all along that I'm going to eat a sensible evening meal each night - just hoping that it all goes to plan!

Am eating for the first time tomorrow since starting - scary!!!


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