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oh dear!


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I don't know what to do with myself! As you all know I am on the 1000kcal cd diet but as my partner was working late and he hates me being on this diet I thought I would do ss for a week, I was doing really welll and was quiet chuffed with myself that I had come this far with out cheating. Well this morning I was waiting for him to go to work and he made bacon butties and then it all went down the pan, i caved in and had one, I had never ever tasted anything like it, it was so nice. thing is i would not have had one if he had gone to work at the normal time.
I know feel disappointed in myself for getting that far and then caving in. I feel like I have let myself down. the worse thing about it is that I did not even feel hungry.

I have just finished cleaning and clearing the back garden and have walked to the post office and back to try and burn some of the cals off.
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Aw Nessa,
don't beat yourself up... it has happened so now you just have to move forward...

Our personal sabbortage systems can be really mean sometimes and knock all the sense out of us unitl it's too late....

Just keep drinking loads and get right back on the plan!

Good Luck!



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Nessa, don`t think I could have resisted a bacon butty either.

I`m not that experienced on cd yet, but don`t beat yourself up just get back to it,..
To quote someone else " nothing tastes as god as feeling slim feels"
You CAN do it Big hugs:)
Hi Nessa

Never mind, its your 7th day today isnt it, same as me, are you getting weighed from your cdc I dont thnk it will affect your loss if you are and you can start again tomorrow.

My WI tonight :eek:

Best wishes



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Thanks everyone. I am going to have a shake for lunch and then one for tea.

scunnybunny, it is my 7th day and i have asked my cdc to weigh me, so i can see if this diet is working for me, on average how much should i be losing on ss a week and how much should i be losing a week on the 1000kcal plan? anyone know?

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