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Oh dear!


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Hi there Edel and welcome to the SW side. The only advice I would really give you is that free food really is free so eat as much as you want!
Hello and welcome to the SW forum,
The only advice i could give is to read you SW book and learn the diet, drink loads, write everything down esp syns, and have a peak at the threads and stickys to get some helpful advice, FAQ and tips.

Good luck



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Thanks for your help folks, I have to admit that my first week trying SW has been a complete disaster. My DS came down with chicken pox on Thursday and I haven't been able to stick to it for as single day this week.

I'm supposed to get weighed in on Wednesday but my OH is working on night shift so I have to go a day early and face a possible gain (eek!). HOWEVER - I've planned my eating for tomorrow and the next few days so I'm putting this week behind me and starting afresh tomorrow. Here's what I'm planning - if anyone can see any flaws can you let me know....


rice pudding - see the recipie I've posted (heA)

snack on apples, pears, banana's, cherries, apricots etc

sweet poato & baked beans
activia fat free yoghurt


quorn pasta bake w/low fat grated cheese (heA)

any suggestions for what heB's I can eat?


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Thanks for the advice Taz - I must send my OH to tesco to get a few packets in.

To be honest, I was saving the syns for temptation... you know in case I got the munchies tonight or gave into the smell of toast at work.

Here's hoping I don't have a record gain tonight.


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Hi everyone,

it's taken me 2 days to post this - but I went to WI on Wednesday night and had gained 2lbs!. I have to admit, I did expect it but they were so surprised at my meeting ! Do they expect everyone to have record losses on their first week?

Anyway, I'm doing well so far, I had green days on Thursday and yesterday and was thinking of going for red tomorrow as I think I'll try a mix of days to see how they suit me first.

Has anyone any suggestions for yummy lunches and dinners?
Hi, they do tend to expect you to loose quite a bit in your first week, but I wouldn't worry I think it can take a week or two to find your feet. You're doing really well hun just keep at it you will have a great loss next week. xx
I think when you move from one diet to another there is always a chance of a 'transition period'. If you have been starving your body it may have started storing food which was allowable. Body will adjust to the diet and the lbs will fall off.
Good luck with the plan - you will find the crew on this forum really helpful and friendly and I am sure you can do really well using their support x

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