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oh dear

not that many to be honest but just really worried going to put loads of weight on now - i know i was naughty thats why i am feeling so guilty wish i had never done it but to much pressure to drink ( i know i should be stronger) will not do it again so you think i could still lose though


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what day do you get weighed on? i suggest drinking as much water as you can stomach before then and try and flush everything out of your system xx


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As long as you draw a line under it and get back on plan to limit the damage I'm sure you'll be fine; just might not lose as much as you would have. Good luck. x
get weighed on Tursday and will keep trying to drink as much water as i can - will deffo not be doing it again as i felt so bad on sundday and when everyone was eating a fry up i went and had a bath feeling sorry for my self - has anybody else slipped up and still lost


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i drank a couple of weeks ago and still lost - but i'm not going to do it again, i think i've pushed my luck enough already. you should lose anything you have put on by thursday hun. just keep drinking that water xx
if you have until thursday id say you will still lose :) forget about it its in the past, just move on and look to the future :) :) ohh id love a vodka now and red bull...hmmmm!!!!!!!!!
yeah i think you are right - it was a little slip up but deffo will not do it again as i suffered on sunday it just not worth it ill keep drinking my water thanks guys

how is everyone getting on with the weight loss
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Baps, the best thing you can take from the weekend is how bad you are feeling now. Other than that, it's done now, just get on with the job. If you don't lose much this week then mark it up to experience.

You aren't the first to slip up and won't be the last, just read other posts along the same line. I won't pretend you will lose as much as you may have otherwise but forearmed is forewarned! Expect the worse and you maybe pleasantly surprised.

Good luck with your WI. I do hope you lose and are happy. Life is sent to try us and we need to kick back! I'm lucky with the support I get from my OH and children and at a recent barbeque everyone else thinks I ate but in reality all the food on my plate went to my children - bless them! The other people there don't know what diet I'm on and I have no intention of telling them. We need to develop strategies for dealing with these situations.

Onwards and downwards (weightwise!)

Good luck hun.


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