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oh dear

I thought I had been careful this week, but obviously not careful enough LOL.
I had a friend come round for lunch on Thursday so I made some cakes for her and her kids. I made a chocolate caramel cake which I didn't have any of but I had a slither and I mean a slither of honey cake.
The problem was the honey cake was so delicious I had a couple more slithers. Now in total I can't have had more than one normal portion. But I looked it up in the recipe book and it equalled 26g fat for one portion. So over the whole day I had that 26g of fat plus no more than 12g at each meal.
I have been suffering today:eek:, thankfully only on the loo but good grief it has showed me that having just one piece of cake is not worth it LOL
I won't be doing that again
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Least you didnt do what I did many years ago,
I thought in my wisdom, lets try this baby out, see is it does what it says on the packet, so had fish and chips..............................................OMG, that taught me a big yellow sticky oily lesson I can tell you ( sorry probably tmi),but it makes me laugh now, certainly didnt at the time,lol


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I'm feeling really unhappy at the mo, i stopped taking my tablets on wednesday as i had a meal out and then was going away for the weekend. I tried to make good choices and we played on the wii for a couple of hours, i really thought i had been good. Well i've put on 4lbs!!!! How the hell did that happen??

I normally have to trough my way through a tub of Haagen Daaz and a pile of choc for that to happen?

I feel cheated.



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Well how strange....... i have now lost the 4lbs again!

One trip to the gym and back on track, thank goodness i'm going in the right direction again :)
How often are you weighing yourself, I try to only weigh once a week but don't really pay much attention to it, just to see if its going in the right direction. I tend to go by my doctors scales now once a month.
I get weighed tomorrow.


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Hi Tan,

I have been weighing myself every other day, but will try to stay off them until next week now :eek:

I'm on holiday next week so will make an appointment with the doc to be weighed, that will be my 1 month weigh in :)

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow.


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