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Right then!

I am ready to address my weight. I have fluctuated between 18st6 and 14st ish for the last ten years! I want to get to a healthy BMI this time, and maintain.

I've never tried CD, or any other food replacement diet before. I've always thought that I could not cope with chewing and carbs. I'm used to the SW school of thought - pile it high. I am a vegetarian, so my free foods were very carby and filling.

I decided to give CWP a go, since I have been between 17 and 18 stone for the last few years and I want to make a drastic change. I think that I've kept my weight on to repel men, having been bitterly disappointed last time round.

Here is my progress so far...

Day One and Two

Ooh, this is not so bad, this not eating malarkey.
Maple and Pecan porridge for breakfast. Just... bleurgh! Vegetable soup for lunch, also vile. Oh dear, what am I doing? Losing weight, that's what! Finally, a decent flavour in chocolate orange shake. Slept ok, hungry but manageable. Drank somewhere between 4 and 5 litres of water (on top of mint tea).
Apple and cinnamon porridge on day two - much nicer. Spicy tomato soup was ok, but I should have made it with hotter water. Still, it has to be better than the vegetable soup; anything has to be better than that. Mango shake for 'dinner'. Quite restless tonight, no sleep until 3 AM. Drank somewhere between 4 and 5 litres of water (on top of mint tea).

Day Three and Four - what fresh hell is this?

Gah! I am hungry, tired and emotional. Have stuck to plan 100%, drinking water like it is going out of fashion too.
Went to a party for work - surrounded by food. T'was torturous, but I resisted running to the cheese board and cramming my face. There was a free bar too. I drank my water and shake. Hmph. I am a savoury lover, and the soups are not hitting the spot at all, while the shakes are my preference by a country mile.
On night three, I could not sleep until 4 AM, and had work the next day. Night four was an improvement in that I was sleeping by 3 AM - huzzah!
Oh yeah, I found something worse that the vegetable soup - leek and potato soup. I can still smell it now.

Day 5 - Today

Well, I am still hungry - where is ketosis? Shouldn't it be here now?
Have an assignment to do for college - will keep my mind off things.
Had a little weigh earlier - 17st5lb. My scales were weighing the same as my consultant's last Wednesday, so hopefully it is an accurate reflection. If so, I'm chuffed at 9lbs in five days! Waist is down by 1.5 inches too.

I've a long way to go, but for today, I am choosing to stick with it.
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Here are my goals/reasons for doing this:

- I want to be a healthy weight
- I want more energy
- I want to look in the mirror and like what I see
- I don't want my son to have a chubster for a mum any more
- I would like to wear normal knickers - not ones made from reinforced lycra
- I would like to wear sexy frilly knickers
- I want to be able to wear a variety of clothes, not what covers my stomach and thighs

Mini Goals:
- Get through the first week - DONE 17/01
- Lose a stone - DONE 23/01
- Get through four weeks
- Lose 10% body weight (25 lbs) = 16 stone 2lbs
- Get through 6 weeks
- Lose 25% body weight (63 lbs) = 13 stone 5lbs
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It will definately be worth it!! I think of it like its only a few months out of my life that i have to go without food then i can eat for the rest of it (healthy and in moderation of course!) good luck and as soon as u really start seeing results it will give u all u need to carry on.. I am 2 stone down in 2 months and love it :) x

Miss Mac

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I have to cook for my son too and it can be hard sometimes. You did the right thing getting rid of the leftovers sharpish though, well done.

Keep up the good work x

Miss Mac

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Great, having your mum there might just be the support you need to get you through another day. Hang in there it will get better x


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Your doing well you need to stay in the zone!!, I would also ditch the soups n stick with the shakes that's what I do. :) x


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Hey Casswass thought.I.would.pop over and say Hi! Thanks for commenting on my diary! I promise after the first week and an excellent way in things will be so much easier! I am 11 weeks in and the time has flown! I love the original porridge more than the flavoured ones, chicken and mushroom soup is nice too but then I like the leek and potato one! Also after two weeks you can have the bars and they are lush! Mint choc shake is also the best, hot or cold.

You can do this!! Keep us posted! X


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Thanks R!

Last night I blended a toffee and walnut shake with ice. Twas delicious, like ice cream. Have had my mum here last night and today, she's also doing CD so we've been supporting each other.

Today I feel good! Think I must be in ketosis <at last> loads of energy and a bit of a buzz.

Oh yeah, today was weigh in. I'VE LOST 10lbs!!
My consultant is a sweetie too.

It's all good here.

How's everyone else?


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Wow.thats amazing! Well.done!!