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Oh Gawd - I'm depressed now!

Hiya all,
I was feeling so positive about being on day 4 and not cheating. I'm even in ketosis but..........
I got my other half to take some "before" photos of me a while ago in bra and pants and I am soooooooooooooooo fat. It really brings it home to me just how horrible I look even though OH says I don't look fat to him!
I knew the numbers - 14.6 stone and 62 lbs to lose, clinically obese etc etc but when you see it large scale reality really hits.
On the one hand it's making me think how much I'm gonna stick to this but on the other hand I can't believe that I'm ever gonna look any different.
I actually got him to take them so that I could post the pics but haven't got the nerve to do it now.
It's like - if you don't look down, you can pretend you aren't fat but when you see it there on screen, objectively, it's staring me back in the face and I HATE it. Hate the way I look, Hate what I've done to myself through sheer gluttony.
Sorry for the outburst but it was a real shock seeing myself in all my glory!
I know that some of you must have felt similar things but, right now, I feel the ugliest and fattest bird on this planet!
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Never hate yourself!! Just accept you want to be slimmer and then look back on your "before" photos with a sense of acheivement :)



please try again
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awwww tansy, you might not like the pics but your already doing something about it, just think of how you will feel when hes taking pics of you when your at goal and youve that big grin on your face

i had start pics taken and i have them on my fridge, 2 of em you would swear ur looking at a mountain not a person but i shant be going back to looking like that so they dont upset me any more

big hugs for you
Sending you an email! may scare you a little :) xxx


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Tansy, it's the weirdest thing but I don't think we realise how 'big' we are until we start dieting. I think I just looked at my face and ignored the rest... but once I started dieting and actually looking at my body, it was really really scary! Don't worry though, it will soon get much better. I'm down from a size 24 to a 12-14 in just 20 weeks and been maintaining for a few months now. If I can do it, you can! Pamper yourself and think of all those lovely outfits you'll be wearing soon! Good luck!
Oh goodness, I know how you feel. I PROMISE to you, things will get better, and those pics may just be what you need to help you when your resolve is waning.

I wasn't even brave enough to do my before pics in my underwear. When I look at my before pics I see a big, fat, uncomfortable, unconfident person staring back. I actually felt pretty happy when I had them taken though; I was trying to convince myself that I was just a little bit plump, and probably very average (Afterall we're always being told size 16 is average). And I really didn't think I looked like that!

Things are improving though. I have got into a habit of taking pics as I go along, my confidence has definately improved, and I'm getting there. I now feel 'normal'; yes I have wobbly arms, my belly is jellified, and don't even get me started on my corned beef thunder thighs, but I can see some improvement (And it's not taken that long).

Yesterday I added these pics of before & in progress to my sig, after seeing JodieJoJo's. I got the wobbles though, and was a bit embaressed. But here for you is my very unhappy before pic, and me about 2 weeks ago in a size 12 dress.

Before (aaargh!)

And 2weeks ago

If you knuckle down you will soon notice changes, and if you're struggling just take a look at those before pics. they will help!
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Please don't be depressed, have just sent you an email. We were all there once and before pictures can be the motivation you need and also wonderful to look back on further down the journey.



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I bought a long mirror last week. To be honest I havent really ever looked at my body in the mirror. Happy to spend ages doing my hair and make up but ignore the rest.

This morning I took some pictures of me in my underwear in the mirror. Jeeze. Heffer!!! BUT.......tomorrow there will be a little less of me, because I am going to stick to it, as I am sure you are Tansy! Then next month I am going to take more pictures, and I know that I'll still have a belly, and legs that touch from the knee upwards, but you like me will weigh less. This has to work doesnt it? Becuase I dont know about you but I dont want to worry about my size anymore, I dont want to pretend I am a confident person when really I am crying inside. A big grin hides so much, but you know like me that we are just kidding everyone around us.

Tansy we are at our worst now, but we are going to get there aren't we?

(sorry for the rant, but I understand everything you said in your message, you sound so much like me!)


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What else can i say hun that hasn't already been said. We've all felt that pain i know that doesn't help you at this precise minute but as the weight starts to disappear so will thoses feelings HONEST. Wait until you can hit thoses shops & buy yourself a whole new wardrobe.

Hope you are feeling happier soon....xxx
Thank you SOOOO much for your lovely replies everyone. I felt like crying over the photos, now I feel like crying cos I'm so emotional over all the care and love coming from you.
You don't know me but you seem to care about me and how I feel and that is such a strange feeling to me.
I'M usually the one doing all the caring - smiling on the outside, crying on the inside. This is the first time I have told anyone how I really feel about myself and somehow this forum encourages honesty and openness which really is the only way forward.
I do feel crap about myself but the great thing is that you have all been where I am - some still are.
I am so overwhelmed by your kindness to me and your support.
Thank you so so much and I so much hope that I can encourage you in your journeys equally.

Tansy honey,
Think of the new life you will have when you loose your weight simply because of the CONFIDENCE it will give you.
Good luck....you can do it.....and it needn't take you that long (unlike other diets) Think ahead to the summer and what you'd like to be wearing by then
Linda XXX

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