oh help ive picked!!!


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Oh hun,don't beat yourself up over it,I'll be amazed if it did any harm.It's soooo hard when you've got little ones,especially when feeding them xxx


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Just get right back up on the horse. Not later - right now. Maybe have a shake right now and drink some water to make you feel nice and full.
And DON'T feel guilty. This diet is so so hard, but REALLY works, so don't give up.
Best of luck with it.


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Was so close myself. Had to buy baby food and had a packet of chicken pieces in my hand. Only on first week and finding it do hard. My mood is awful

jolly J

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just spent the afternoon making different meals for the next few days for my family so they can help themselves keeps me out of temptations way for a while, not easy if you have a young family.

Jon Stead

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I am sure no harm will have been done. As the others say just continue as you were and forget about it. It will correct itself and you will feel the benefit in the long run.

Keep it up.