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Oh how I love the 1st week.

As long as your not gloating about it. Chuckle chuckle. x x x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Do you weigh yourself every day? Do you do that all the way through or just at the beginning?
Hi Mia, all the way through, keeps me going to be honest. No way could i wait a week, even if i lose ounces when it slows down it motivates me. to be honest i have yet to put on weight while doing this diet, even near the end of my 2 month spell last year.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Ah well, what works for one and all that :)

I couldn't do that because if the scales didn't show a loss it would DEmovitate me. When I started this I promised myself I would only get weighed once a month, but its first WI date tonight and I am going to do it :D

10lbs in 2 days is amazing though, I am dying to see how much you lose in a full week. Good luck
don't worry about losing the weight faster mark, women do everything else faster hee hee xxxx

Huge congratulations that's really really good.


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Well done! I have to admit... I cant get through a whole week without jumping on the scales, I do a mid week weigh in but dont actually count it until weigh in day.
For me it is hard enough to worry about the cravings, the temptation to eat and drink, to then have to stop myself from doing something that will do me no harm with regards to the diet is just crazy, but each to their own. I get motivated by a 2 ounce loss so i see no harm in weighing myself every day and it is only once a day.
Well done Mark, thats a fab weight loss! I can't go through the week without constantly weighing myself but it does keep my motivated, even if i stay the same or lose a tiny bit :) I'm on day 5 of my restart and i had a sneak peak this morning and have lost 4lb so i'm well chuffed xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
But do you not find that your weight fluctuates? You could get on the next day and have put a pound on for no apparent reason. I can get weighed at 6.00 then 7.00 and have two completely different weights. If I get weighed mid-week I don't take any notice of the loss either, the only one I record is my actual weekly WI. However, maybe if I could lose 10lb in two days I would be on every day too - brill loss :D
Hi Mia, my 1st VLCD attempt last year I got a bit carried away and weighed myself in the morning and at night, it did fluctuate then so i stayed at weighing in the morning only and had no fluctuations. Yes the losses slowed down but in the 60 days i never had a day that i did not lose anything, even if it was a couple of ounces and that was enough to get myself motivated to get through the next day. I am very very competetive, even with myself so I would try and beat the weight the day before, if i did not the incentive would be to beat it the following day and so on.
Hopefully this time round it is the same, the difference being I intend to refeed properly.

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