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oh i found you!

lol i just posted somewhere that i couldnt find a section for calorie counting diets lol and here you all are! ok ive been calorie counting for eight weeks and have lost 21lbs so far. i know i look and feel thinner but i dont see it as a huge loss as i have very far to go lol. Happy with diet which is a mixture of healthy eating, calorie counting and replacing odd meals here and there with slim fast or a weight watcher meal. i found bread to be a real enemy of mine so i dont go there very often, once every two weeks is ok for me. loving the fact that i have so much more energy now and my hands are not so swollen , to make it short alot of health problems i have are getting easier so feeling good! My ultimate goals is to loose around nine stone, no end date, i am on this diet (hate calling it a diet when it just healthy eating) for the rest of my life. I only have treats if i really feel i need too, only twice in the last eight weeks so doing well. do struggle sometimes to eat ENOUGH which i had yesterday so ended up having to make myself have a packet of weight watchers crisps to make up a few more calories , i still ended up only eating 809 yesterday......is this enough...??? im trying to average 1000 a day some times i go a little over so i guess the days will balance out in the end lol. cant wait to listen to how you guys are doing and hoping we can all be a great support network for each other and keep us on our path or slimness.:D
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Hello fadingfast! Well done on your losses so far!! I'm sure you'll pick up plenty of tips from everyone here. I have anyway!

There's a good sticky for working out your cal allowance but it will probably tell you to be eating a lot more! There's a few ppl on here who are doing lower cal plans so they can probably give you more advice than me.

Good luck with it!

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Hi fadingfast and welcome to calorie counting, ive been ccing for 9 weeks now and have lost a grand total of 36lb.
this diet works well for me as i can vary food so much.
Im averaging around 1200 calories a day but don`t worry if i go a little over as i exercise 3 times a week plus im a chef so on my feet most of the day.
Just one thing if you do have a lot of weight to lose your calorie intake should be definetley higher than 800 per day, as from other posts on here your body will go into starvation mode and start storing the fat as too little calories are going in.
Ive read that no one should be under 1000 per day.
Im sure there are others on here that will advise you.
Good luck with your weight loss and well done on the loss so far. :0)
Read the sticky thread on working out how many cals to eat, unless it is medically advised you should be on much more than 800. If you want to be eating less than 1200 you should do it under the supervision of you GP and a nutritionist, they will help make sure you are getting a balanced diet on so few cals. Good luck! x

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An average of 1000 a day should be fine as long as you listen to your body, but a lot of that will depend on how much exercise you do. I would worry if you were eating that and burning say 700 cals at the gym!

I'm on roughly 800 a day (although this is medically supervised) and I'm feeling absolutely fine on it - no traces of starvation mode etc but I'd always suggest erring on the side of caution and talking to your GP if you do want to stay on lower calories. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support I got.
Hey :) I also have a lot to lose, currently weigh about 300lbs so want to shed about half my body weight!! I started properly again yesterday, did start couple weeks ago but went way off track with my birthday last week so im here restarting with my serious head on now! lol x

If you want to be weight loss buddies feel free to add me on facebook - Verity Jane Heads. Or message me if u wanna text or whatever keep each other on track :) xx I could do with the extra kick up the butt lol x

Im on 1640 cals a day so you prob need to be on a few more hun x
thanks guys, ive taken all on board. I have upped my intake slightly as i felt i was probably a bit too low some days,today i will have just over 1000. changing a few things so im eating the same amount but with slightly more calories in. im not excersising at the mo, hate exercise lol but feeling fitter and full of energy which is a nice change from feeling sluggish and heavy. As for going to the doctors, i have been thinking i should perhaps do this, just for peace of mind so i will get round to that...eventually cos my to do list this week is extradinarly loooong lol. Thanks for all your kinds words and encouraging thoughts and yes Daisy id love to add you on facebook then we can hopefully kick each other up the butt when needed lol x Lovely to meet you all x

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