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Oh i just had to laugh at my stupid dog lol!

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So i trundled into the kitchen, couldnt face yet another shake so i decided to brave a coconut flapjack... eughhhhhh!!

anyway i always share my fod with the dog so obviously these last few weeks she has been a bit deprived... ive even notices shes getting a bit thinner lol. well you should have seen her little face when she saw me eating... so she kept nudging me trying to get some flapjack... so i gave in...

well she prodded it, poked it... sniffed it and then looked at me to say... what the hell lol, then walked off leaving the flap jack on the floor!!

Silly dog:)
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LOL! Says a lot about the Flapjacks if even the dog wont touch em! :D:D:D:D:D


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lol! the flapjacks are just rancid, well to me anyways. tried one the other day and it made me sick- no joke! I Dont blame your dog, their just not edible!
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Hi cheekychick

Oh, I love that story. Woman's best friend 'ay? Think she's trying to tell you something? I haven't tried the flapjacks yet, but I'm not inspired.
Wish I had a dog, they are such a good motivation for exercise :chores016: I've got a cat...but somehow its just not the same.


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Wow the flapacks are THAT bad??? :eek:

Ive deliberately stayed away from them because of what everyone has said!

Its soo funny that even a dog wont touch em!!!

Your probably doing her a favour by not giving her any of your food now. :) And re-training her in a way coz she will not want to eat your future left overs! :chores016:

Awwwww :)

(perhaps you could put a lil ticker on for your dogs weight loss!! :D)

Lei xxx


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i have not tried the flapjacks yet. but i have yet to hear anyone saying they are good. the idea your dog wont eat them either has given me a right laugh. thought dogs weren't fussy!!! dont think i will bother with them.


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well my boxer goes mad for them. i dropped one on the floor a while ago and she pushed me out of the way to get to it and ate it in one go. since then im sat eating one, she puts her head on my legs and starts drooling til ive given her a bit....totally bonkers id say lol

h xx


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The dog has sense, they are vile nasty horrid things I tried one in my first week and threw it away and then I thought id give it another go last week..........ewwwww stand away from the pretend flapjack!
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I told my hubbie they were dog food!!

I love the fact that your dog:doggy: wouldn't touch the flapjack!

I honestly thought they were made from dog food... But I realise now that's insulting to dogs!!

I tried a peanut one the other day - OMG:sick0019:!! Foul, offensive, disgusting thing! I had to put a bit in my mouth then flush very quickly with water in order to swallow. If I wasn't quick enough I'd retch. My husband thought I was being a wimp. He tried a bit & promptly got rid of it. It was soooo salty (as is the 'chicken' soup).
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lol, ill def not be having my left over peanut one!!
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I got a flapjack to sample last Thursday at my weigh in. I was dead chuffed and really looking forward to it so as soon as i got into work that day i had it out showing it off around the office... then i opened it! The smell was horrid, it had no moisture... just wood shavings!! I braved a bit it just wouldnt go down. It did remind me of the "chicken" soup in a way! My flapjack went around the office to sample the delights until it worked its way back not even a quarter eaten! I too took it home for the dog (he eats anything!) thinking, if he doesnt eat it, it must poison... he ate the lot! Afterwards, he was scampering around looking for more, eyes beaming on the wrapper!! He didnt even need to take a drink after!! Mental!! x

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