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oh lord, now I'm confused :(

I didn't have time to stay for the class @ the meeting; queued, weighed, ran.

I'm trying to read the contents of the blue folder, but I don't have wonderful concentration...the idea of having to calculate everything I eat is rather soul-sucking - do I have to have a WW calculator, or is there a way to work it out with regular maths?

Are there lists of; ex. Tesco food online with PP? I didn't see the booklet at the meeting.
I went shopping and noticed most of the WW food was still the old points >.< you'd think with a new plan, they'd have the sense to recall the stuff? Specially if it's worked out differently.

I'm in Ireland, so unfortunately we don't have Sainsbury's, which does sound fun, and some of your other shops.
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I'm an online member so I just log everything onto the WW tracker but I think if you sign up to esource you get access to the online stuff, I don't know how much it costs though. Otherwise it's good old pen & paper lol.
there's a wheel at the back of the blue folder for working out points,,also it's easy to convert the old points that still in shops to the new ones,I'm in Ireland too and everything is on offer so filling my freezer and writing new points on them before they go in:)
I tried the iWatchr app idea to suggest (again) to hubby that I need an iPhone...didn't work :p
Might try online - wasna too impressed with the attitude of the person in the class.


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I will never give up
You can buy the delux essentials guide off ebay that has the points for foods in the shops and take aways etc.


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Nope always keep it as 100 ... 100 is your portion size so 35g of something is 1portion (100%) ... Does that make sense?! I hope so lol So you'd put in the info for 35g

I hope I've not confused you even more lol
The irish website is Welcome to WeightWatchers.com however in Ireland you can't do the program online. If there is an address in the UK you can use you could register with the UK website. I would recommend staying after the meeting next week and learning about the new program, i've been on WW for years and even i found it super confusing at first until it was properly explained to me.

In the meantime, use the wheel at the back of the folder to find points start from the outside in, I think there are directions on the back of it. I bought the calculator as i find it soo much easier and quicker.


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No, never change that 100.

Just put in the info for one portion of what your eating. (so one portion maybe 30g of cheese ... put in the info for 30g's of cheese but don't change the 100 leave it)

Does that make a bit more sense? :)

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