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Oh-low carb megastore made me screw up!

i ordered some chocolate covered marshmallows and had 3 before I realized that on the packet it said 9g of carbohydrate per marshmallow. On their website they claim that they have 0 carbs. I am so worried now and of course the marshmallows are in the bin (with fairy liquid on top) but im worried its too late..
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I would complain to them about them saying no carbs aswell. They cant possibly have 9g of dietry fibre to make then 0 net carbs?
I darent go on that site as ill end up ordering loads of stuff.


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If you do come out of ketosis you will be back on track in couple of days. :D in fact im just going back in after my naughty fizzy fanta on thursday and way way way too much wine.
Yes, as Linz says, but I'd steer clear anyway.
I had a little edam cheese snack which was about 1g and then i made an egg muffin which i count as 3 g. and then a decaf coffee with 2 tbsp of single cream and splenda. so all in all about 7g/. However if the low carb megastore things are really 9g each it mean i am already at 27g without everything else. I am so sad


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coco see the message from linz(ditzee) above - they hardly count at all :D


Call me Linzi...
Just been looking at their marshmallows & they contain sugar alcohols which you take off the carbs so they will be neglegible carbs so I think you'll be fine ketosis-wise but all of these processed foods have alcohols or polyols in that can/will give you the runs & stall you. Just use them in moderation if you need to have them. x
Read this. xx

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