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  1. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    Ok so as with my other topic. I am finally trying to eat a healthy diet. Im having on average about 1800 calorie low fat diet.
    Everything is going fine BUT my work colleagues are finding it really funny reminding me how i always fail at healthy eating and keep hiding my salads and leaving biscuits in there place.

    has anyone got any surgestions how i can get them to be more understanding. As there driving me mad
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  3. omnomnivore

    omnomnivore Member

    That it very childish behaviour to be honest... If it carries on I would ask them to stop and if it doesn't then tell your line manager...

    A joke is one thing but when it ceases to be funny people should really take the hint!

    (can you tell I have a bee in my bonnet about harassing "jokey" behaviour from work colleagues???)
  4. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Just ignore then, it'll be even better when you can say "right, I've done it without your support I've lost the weight I wanted"

    One thing though I'd be firm and tell them not to touch your food, you don't want there grubby hands over your dinners!
  5. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    I dont think they actually touch the food but there behaviour is upsetting so. Ive had a word with the ringleader who says its only a laugh and i should chill out. So unfortunatly im gunna have to go to my boss. Im not going to make a complaint i just want them to understand that the jokes gone too far.

    oh and im still eating well and i am starting to feel better. Good food does make you feel better but it takes alot more planning
  6. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Anymore news on the jokes at work? Have you managed to stop them?
  7. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    Abit better. The boss had a discreet word. They said they cant belive it upset me as they meant it as a joke. There still saying the odd jokes but are not going near my food now
  8. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Well at least that's one thing......suppose the odd joke will occur, I get it at my work but they would. Never go as far as to move my food lol so I'm ok with it.

    How you doing on your diet?
  9. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    On average having about 1750 calories with 24% of it fat. Thats the myfitnesspal's figures.
    for now i am weighing alot of my food but thats due to me never really understanding how many calories my portions were. Onse i get used to the sizes. Ill be ok.
    Ive lost 4 pounds. I started on the 9th. Tbh i feel fuller up in the evening than i do when i eat crap. Its weird a home made boiled egg salad is more filling than a kfc large fillet tower meal. Bbq wrap and popcorn chicken. That was my fav food. No wonder i got fat lol im finding im not really snacking. But healthy eating does take a hell alot of planning.
  10. Jamesy Wamesy

    Jamesy Wamesy Full Member

    Yeah, you're right it does take more planning. Luckily my nan does alot of the cooking in our house so 4 or 5 out of 7 days I have a home cooked meal, the other days I eat out the freezer so thats usually processed crap and I ate alot of crap at work, i've been known to have 3 donner kebabs in a week at work and thats on naan bread so they're the big ones which i can eat in less than 10 minutes........so now i'm cutting out the takeaways and the beer for a while and also trying not to eat out the freezer where possible then getting myself out there running again. I weighed myself on 30th March and I was 14st12lb, haven't weighed myself since then lol but we will see how much I've lost when I do.

    I need to lose weight now though, i'm not exactly fat but i am heavier than I'd like and very unfit, I am expecting my first child in June and when she is older and wanting to run around and play I don't want to have to sit on the bench with the grandads because i'm to knackered to do anything, i'm only 26 lol.

    Good luck with your weight loss. I've started a diary on here now, in the diaries section......more so I can keep myself motivated, I think i'll eat and exercise better if I know theres always the chance that someone else could look and see what i'm doing lol

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