Oh my giddy aunt this is hard, this time!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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I seem to be coping ok at work cause I'm so busy all I can do is drink water, no time for eating!!!

But once I'm home, I just want to stuff my face!!!!

I've started back since the weekend and when I was on the diet before Christmas it was soooo easy - I had a goal though of my Wedding and Honeymoon.

I wanna give up already and eat again.

Gemx :(
Gem DONT GIVE UP!!!! it will get easier I promise, you will have to try to occupy yourself when you get home from work, do whatever it takes to stop yourself from snacking until you get firmly back into your diet! It will all be worth it in the end (you know it will) xx
Hi gem,

I'm exactly the same.

Got back onto CD last week and didn't have a great 1 to be honest. This week has been a bit better though. I'm just hoping that the longer I go without a break again then I'll get myself into a routine and it will be easier.

Keep going you can do it (no really you can)

Good luck