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Oh my god! I got a job. Again! Decision made!

Well, had the interview this morning, and ya know what _ like the sound of this place too - a lot.

And they want me. They offered me the job, on the same money I am making in my new job. Also has health and dental insurance.....AND


But - I really like my now new job too!! I am so confused - I have never EVER been in this position.

They told me the ball is in my court, and I asked for a week to think abuot it. Then said I will let them know by Friday.

Oh my goodness - I am so torn!! Not sure if this is better then no prospects!!!

HELP!!! :D :D :D
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Blimey!! I have no idea what you should do, but very well done to you!!! Good luck with the decision! xx


I Can Do This!
What a lovely position to be in! Congratulations BL. I suggestyou write down a list of the pros and cons for each. As you go through the process your heart and mind will probably lean to one of them.

If you do go for the new position you can use the closer-to-home line as the reason for going, trying not to burn any bridges.

Happy choosing!


Is back in the saddle!
Oh wow!! No idea what to say apart from well done.

Big fish small pond, small fish big pond.....
BL you are a legend, and on a total roll!

I would say trust your instincts on this one. Once you get over the initial excitement of another job offer, try visualising yourself with this newer job new company etc and see how it feels for you. You have a week to let it settle and see how you feel. I know you said that the job you have seems really good - with lovely people and in a good place etc, but that's not to say the other one could be great as well.

It is entirely your decision!
Hi! Lunchtime!

It is a TOUGH decision, let me tell you. My heart leans both directions, about an even split 50-50.

Tonight will do a proper list, but running through my head - there is no strong favourite.

LS, everyone here seems very very happy.

The other one - it is an office with abuot 10 people. A proper NON call-centre office. More then half of them have been there over 15 years. 2 over 20 years. One nearly 30 years. That pseaks very loudly to me.

Ugh. Its a lovely position to be in, but at the same time its a terrible one.

Its such a roll of the dice - how do i reallllly know which is better, for me, and what if I make a dreadful choice. I would never know proably but - its not easy!

List time tonight!!

I agree with the pros for the latest offer.

I can tell you (from personal experience) there can be a heck of a lot of bureaucracy in BUPA.

Really? Experience as an employee - or a customer? They have a very strong reputation in the south of one of the fairest employers. So far, they seem very good - great facilities, good training program with dedicated trainers in a classroom, lots of local discouns fro shops, etc. Subsidised gym memberships and stuff like that.

The other does not offer that, but it offers a non call center environment. I had never even heard of a call centre until I moved over here. And I hate them. So far - this is by far the best, and the phones are relatively very quiet, so it wold be OK.

But I love the idea its a small office, do what you want when you want, etc.

And having xmas of ain't bad either!

But - I love the train journey, as you all know - its an exciting area of Brighton to work in.

Will be ablast in summer.

The other job, I culd walk to, getting 5 days a week of good exercise. Or a nice easy bimbleon the Harley. So petrol/commute costs will be nearly non-existant.

This building now - LOVELY. New one is in an industrial estate. No frills, at all.


Can I work 3 days in one, and 2 in the other? :D

Would be curious what you know about BUPA LS. Couldyou PM me?


The Brighton job will cost you approx £1,000 year travel costs plus your time.
Is the smaller company secure? Will they be able to see the credit crunch out?
What about BUPA? Lots of large companies are paring back week by week. What is their policy? probably last in first out. Although you have been offered these 3 jobs all around the same time you do presumably want some job security too.
I think you must follow your gut instincts.
Good luck with your decision. Hope you get some sleep tonight.........
Hello peeps.

SB - good to talk to you tonite. And LS, thanks for your PM.

As you can imagine, thoughts are running through my head at record speed, and so far, the pros and cons are literally neck in neck.

There is not one peice of the puzzle that is stronger then the other. Same pay. Same benefits. Same industry. Both good hours for different reasons - one, I would have mornings and afternoons free. The other, I would be home for the long summer evenings.

In a way, I am leaning, just, towards the new offer. Main reason - it is not a call centre. It is a proper office. ANd you have your own portfolio to work and working relationships established with the clients. No longer a number, but a name. No headsets - no SLA's - no cubicles. Just 9 or 10 people working together - taking time out as and when they can to have a chat and a giggle. All over 30. No back-biting and am told they all look out for each other and care as. A proper office, which is what I always worked in back home. Never heard of a call centre till I came over here.

I always said at my last job, that I prayed my new job would not come with a headset. The only good thing about having a headset on is you can pretend to be Madonna or Britney SPears for a minute. :D

But that is a real appeal.

But my manager at BUPA is absolutely lovely. And all the team speak very highly of her. And they are all friendly and nice and have made me feel instantly welcome. The commute is fun, the city is vibrant and exciting. Brightons a wonderful place. Shops all around - great restaurants and coffee houses all over. Always buzzing.

BUT, In contrast to the bonus of this new offer not feeling like a call centre, the worst part of BUPA, I think - or forcast - is its probably going to take its toll on my neck. I have found in learning to live with chronic pain, that I am much better earlier in the day. By the end of the day, the weight of my head and the compression really leave my neck painful and fatigued. I am now working as late as 11:30pm, but I still always wake at 6am, no matter what. A real lay in for me is 7, and if I ever make it as late as 8am its a miracle. SO I worry that my neck will not get the benefit of rest. ANd that is a strong consideration.

Oh yeah-I felt so comfortable with the two directors today, that I told them up front about my neck. That I will need a special (expensive) chair, and that I need to take a short break every hour to stretch etc. They were so understanding, and thanked me for my honesty and assured me it was not a problem.

While I do think BUPA will be supportive - I didn't feel as comfortable talking abut it with them in the interview, in fact haven't mentioned it to my manager yet even.

Environmentally speaking, BUPA's a very nice building, and nice flash canteen, etc. The new one, well - its in the midst of a very busy industrial park, upstairs above a warehouse. But inside, its very cheerful - bright - lots of natural light. ANd spacious. And QUIET!!!!( i realised today how noisy call centres are - someone is ALWAYS talking!! lol) But its quite different.

Oh my god - if anyone has read this far, you deserve a reward. This is really just another stream of consciousness, and probably boring you to tears, but its helping to put these things out there.

My OH was a bit hesitant this morning when I called him, but now after talking to me, he supports either decision I make. He felt like me, that I should think long and hard about it over the next few days. Then he came down 20 minutes later and told me "take it."! LOL I was a bit shocked. I said I needed to think longer and harder then that.

I really always wondered what it was like to have choice. This is all very new and unchartered territory for me. As said earlier, I would stop at the first job offered to end the torturous task of attending interviews and being judged, and then rejected. To be honest - I hate it! I really am struggling, in a pleasant way though I 'spose - but its a tough decision and I just wish there was some definitive proof or evidence of the best choice.

Well, I will sleep on it. I hope. lol

Thanks so much for letting me unload. I'm pooped. xxx
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hey BL. It's a great position to be in. And the fact you get health and dental with the most recent offer would be a real pull factor for me.

But it sounds like you're really enjoying where you are at the moment (apart from the mirrors!) I'm sure whatever you do you'll make the right decision. Great to see good things happening and new opportunities coming your way.

I was with BUPA until I was 25 but stupidly decided I could afford it any more and cancelled it. And I need it now more than ever! They were always great with me.

My Dad was with them all his life and they were amazing with all his cancer treatment although in the end it he was with the NHS who were equally as brilliant in his time of need.

Let us know wht you decide!! All the best xx
ohhh, choices choices!!
I did just have a thought, a rather nice one but not sure financialy how practical - but, it might mean I could have Chrimbo this year with my 90 year old mom. I haven't been home for the hols in 8 years....but we have 2 trips planned there already, not sure if I could afford a 3rd and would probably mean I go on my own and OH stays here with his family?

Hmmmm....more grist for the mill!


Is back in the saddle!
Well after reading your post I think you've chosen the new one. Read it again yourself. You have grabbed the new one and are praising it and you're trying to shove BUPA under the table with your toe!!
any more thoughts?
i wouldn't want to be in your position - miss popular!
i'm a great believer in fate, whatever choice you finally make it is meant to be!
daisy x
BL what do you really want to do. I would say health benefits make one more precious. then the other, however which job has career progression involved. Which ever one has been promotional aspects choose that one.

There you go nice and easy, oh and dont let personal sentiment stand in the way of the right choice.
BL what do you really want to do. I would say health benefits make one more precious. then the other, however which job has career progression involved. Which ever one has been promotional aspects choose that one.

There you go nice and easy, oh and dont let personal sentiment stand in the way of the right choice.

H - as said - twice - :whoopass: :D there is medical AND dental benefits in both jobs. ;)

thanks guys - no clearer today!!

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