Oh my god, I have got to get my act back together.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by timsmom, 12 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. timsmom

    timsmom Full Member

    Six weeks and 1 and 1/2 stone later - I'm starting CD again. Had an amazing holiday, two weeks all inc. I put 10 lb on. Why do I do this to myself. Big push to Christmas now, no more gorging on anything I can lay my hands on!. Three holidays booked for next year so have lots to aim for and of course the LBD at Christmas.
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  3. timsmom

    timsmom Full Member

    Its official, weighed last night and back to 16stone 5lbs :(:(:(:(

    Right, lets get back on the CD wagon and back in to all those lovely clothes I can see in the shops which won't fit me at the minute. Shallow aren't I!!!

    Wish me luck , we can do this :ignore:
  4. girlygirl1

    girlygirl1 Banned

    Not shallow at all. We all love clothes, especially in smaller sizes. Good luck on your restart, and by all means look at those gorgeous clothes and work towards getting into some of them! It's so motivating to have a goal and that Christmas LBD is a great one x
  5. Dizzyredpassion

    Dizzyredpassion Full Member

    Good luck! I'm on week 2 of yet another restart although haven't got this far the last few times.
  6. sammy46

    sammy46 Member

    Hey Tim's Mom! Thanks for posting on my thread! It was much appreciated. I would love to be buddies and see how we both get on over the next 12 weeks I think we can make some real progress if we get motivated and stay there :)

    Let stay in touch and see what we can accomplish because i too want to be able to buy some of those beautiful autumn clothes!!! :)

    Where are you booked up to go next year? xx
  7. loveloveyy

    loveloveyy Full Member

    goodluck i hope it all works out for you

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