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Extra Easy Oh my God what a complete **** up. ! !

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by debbywebby1970, 29 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. debbywebby1970

    debbywebby1970 Silver Member

    Well, as its so hot today, my OH decided that I wouldnt be cooking for everyone, and we would have a subway for lunch.
    He failed to tell me this until he arrived in with it.
    God love him, he tried to do the right thing and he got me a plain 6", with tuna and light mayo and salad.
    He thought he was being kind and picking a healthy option (which he was really) but after I had eaten it (what could I do.????) I checked my food directory and it was a whopping 20 syns. ! ! ! ! :eek::eek::eek:
    There would have been less syns in a steak and cheese one. How can that be.? How is that even possible.? I would have eaten less syns had I went to the chippy and ate a full portion of chips. ! !
    So, because of this, I am having to count my syns on a weekly basis this week, and I have never done that before. So after that, Im left with 30 for the rest of the week. I should be ok with that, but I think I prefer doing it on a daily basis.... I feel more in control that way, if that makes sense.
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  3. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Very well done for checking the syns and adapting your week Debbie - you could easily have said s*d it!

    Men - they just don't get it do they!!! Bless him.....
  4. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Its usually the butter on the sub roll and the full fat mayo in the tuna that bumps the syns up Debby.

    Never mind as long as you enjoyed it, and you can cut down on syns for a day or two now.

    Bless your OH for thinking of you. X
  5. debbywebby1970

    debbywebby1970 Silver Member

    I know Donnie, but it was low fat mayo, he said he double checked with the girl, and just plain tuna and plain salad. God love him, Im trying not to make a big deal of it, cos it was lovely of him to think of me, but I feel like screaming...... lol
  6. victorial85

    victorial85 A moaning old boot!!!!

    Shame, at least its not too bad with syns....I have heard of people with worse syns of things people have bought them but i understand why it must be frustrating!!!!
    I bet it was a nice treat though....not having to cook!!!
    Also Debbywebby.............you have lost 1stone now, you need to get your sticker up for it!!!! :) :) :)
  7. weemo

    weemo Trying again!!!

    I'm with Jay ~ you could easily have said sod it but you didn't so well done. It was a lovely thought from your OH, very supportive of him ~ he did try! xx
  8. dino4

    dino4 Full Member

    that was really thoughtful of him to think of you! you are going to have to tell him though in the nicest way possible otherwise he might do the same again this week lol!!
  9. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    I know this seems a lot, but common sense should also apply here....did anyone ever get fat from eating a low fat 6 inch tuna sandwich????? NO!

    It is only 5 syns over your allowance, and this is what flexible syns are for. Carry on as you were and you will be fine, mate.

  10. Mama Belle

    Mama Belle Member

    Awwww bless him! LOL! Well done on the stone award!
  11. MrsFordy

    MrsFordy Full Member

    Hi debbie,don't worry too much i had a few of these when i started sw and didn't even realise they were synned:eek: apart from the light mayo!

    I was in work and thought subway would be a healthy choice,so i would count the bread a healthy extra and have ham,turkey and salad with light mayo,how wrong was i!!
  12. Less Rotund One

    Less Rotund One Gold Member

    Is there anything to stop you counting some of the bread as a HEB choice which at least would give you 6 syns back?

    I go to subway a lot - at least I did ....maybe need to give it a miss for a while. :(
  13. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    You can only deduct 6 syns if it was wholemeal bread.....
  14. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Gold Member

    It's not the end of the world! Well done for checking the syns instead of just pretending they didn't exist! You've already made your plan of action - reducing to 30 syns for the rest of the week so you're all set and should still have a loss this week. You might even find that you like doing 'weekly' syns for a change rather than daily ones? Who knows - it might even boost your loss this week!


    PS - I frequently use 'weekly' syns rather than daily and it's never done me any harm!
  15. niknaks

    niknaks Silver Member

    I was tempted to go to subway too. 6 inch sub and a drink all for £1!!!!!

    But i never. Disappointed i didnt lol i love them and at that price such a bargain! x

    Never mind hun just put it down to experience and like you said move on with your 30 syns xx
  16. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    Bless him! Aren't men wonderful? I doubt it'll do much harm, just stick to your 30 syns you've got left. My OH asked what I wanted as I went out this morning and I said fish, meaning plain fish and he made a fish pie with a schwartz sauce and covered it in grated cheese!!!!!!!!!!! I somehow think I've gone over the 4 syns I've got left!
  17. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Thats so lovley that he tried to do that for you, even if it doesnt help.. the synage of bread is imense.. somtimes my OH will be like 'cant u just ahve a sandwhich' assuming its better cause its small and light.. and its liek, no i friggin well cant lol .. not when its out of a packed with stupid 'malted bread' AND iv already had HEB lol

    my OH attempt to help would be ringing home a kfc and suggest i spend the time picking the skin off?! as if!? LOL

    deary me lol .. lesson learnt tho eh!
  18. Joanne24

    Joanne24 Restarting!

    Awh bless him.

    How come all the fatty food is always on offer but none of the healthy stuff!! Glad to be on holiday in August, all the fruit and veg is alot cheaper than here!
  19. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

    i will say if we havent done it already then everyone will at some point thinking it is ok but its actually not. i agree with everyone when i say well done for sorting it out. xxxxxxx
  20. Ossireo

    Ossireo Full Member

    I'm struggling the believe it is 20 syns. There is no spread on the bread. The various breads syn at 9.5 to 11 for a 6 inch I think the mayo is 2 syns (cant find my nutritional booklet but I syn'd the lot). If it was plain mayo and salad then I cant see it adding to much more :hmm: The wraps actually syn higher yet online directory they come out with a lower syn value for the tuna one.

    I certainly wouldn't panic too much and tell him next time to make it a salad for 50p extra :)
  21. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    A lovely gesture, and bless him for thinking light mayo is ok...it's still pretty high in syns. And bread...whoah momma...muchos synos.

    But, look on the bright side. You're only a few syns over for the day, which can easily be caught up by shaving just a few off each day. You got a lovely, tasty treat, didn't have to cook and have a hubby who is very well-meaning!

    You know, just in case he has another urge to be all lovely husbandy on you, it might be worth explaining the very basics of SW to him, so that if he goes out to get you something, you might be given something SW friendly! :D

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