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Oh my god, I am sooooo happy!

I did it, I'm in a size 14 :D:D:D:D

This may seem like a small thing but to me its bloody fantastic! I got a new dress, top and jeans today, all size 14!! So happy (as you can tell lol).

Size 20 to a size 14, it feels amazing. Se ladies and gentlemen, we can do it. On we go us!! :D:D:D
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Well done!!! Isn't it a great feeling! Got some old clothes out of the roof last night and tried them on, found a skirt I used to struggle to get into, it had even ripped from my efforts! Now it's way too big. Got loads of stuff for car boot now.
Thanks ladies. It does feel great! NN89 I felt exactly the same ago only 4 months ago. I never thought I would get to this point. It just shows how worth while the hard work is, so keep at it :)

Not the end though, still got to hit target! But I'm going to try and go full steam ahead :):):)


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Still its a great motivation to keep at it, the fact it is working for you! I just can't believe i can eat loads of food and still loose weight- but there we go! tuesday will tell all lol
well done and I've looked at your stats and you've got there so quick. I only started again this week. Do you have any tips, anything that worked for you that you can share?
Yes it would be good to have the tips I seem to be a serial failure on diets but I am rejoining slimming world for the last time on Thursday. I say the last time because I've messeda round for the last 11 years so this time I must lose the weight so any tips on motivation etc would be really helpful. Well done to all who ave been successful because it is so hard.:eek::eek::eek::sigh::sigh:
Well done Indie, it's the best feeling.

I had to go clothes shopping yesterday as my size 30's are just way too big but I didnt want to buy anything til spring, so have just been managing with my winter stuff. Since October when I started on my own dieting, I am towards 3 stone down. I amazed myself coming home with all size 24's yay!!
YAY!!!! As soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought "Indieflower's got into a 14!" heehee x Well done! That really is brilliant, it isn't a small thing at all! You've worked really hard to get there and to go from 20 to 14 is just fantastic!

I started at a 20 too (currently in baggy 18's), and when I see 14's they just look so teeeeny! Really pleased for you. I can't wait till I get there too, I can guarantee I'll be bellowing it from the rooftops when it happens ;)

Yes please all - give us your tips! :D
Aww shucks all! lol. Thank you and yes my labels will be hanging out for all to see ;)

Alot of you just asked for tips, the easiest one has to be stick to the plan! It does work.

I have done it slightly different to most people though. The reason I was fat in the first place was due to my carb addiction. I LOVED pasta, bread, potatoes, etc far too much! lol Therefore, I didn't want to sabotage my diet as soon as I started so I chose to do all red days to begin with. This without doubt has gave me a boost! I am introducing green days now though. I think it's important too as I can't hit target and suddenly start eating pasta, etc....I think I'd very quickly be a size 20 again :eek::eek: lol.

And Minimins, always use it for support. All on here are packed with great ideas that keep you enthused about SW.

Also, don't look at this as a diet, it's your lifestyle from here on in. If you stick to it you'll all be feeling just as good as I am now :D:D Bring on the summer clothes girlies :D:D

Thanks again, you're all so lovely xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done, you must feel amazing! I can't wait till i'm a 14, i was a 22 at christmas and now i'm a very comfortable 20/tight 18 and hoping to be comfy 16 by the end of july begining of aug.

Keep it up, you have done so well. What is your target size?
Hi Betty and thank you :)

I guess my target is between a 12 and 14. I don't want to be a 10 or anything. I don't suit being really skinny. I have curves and I intend to flaunt them! lol

That's great that you've dropped a size! I'm sure you'll be there by end of Aug. Will you be letting your labels hang as well then?? :):)


soon to be skinny minnie
I will defo be letting my labels hang out lol. I have lovely linen trouser and nice tops still in size 16 from 3 years ago and i really want to get into them.

You are the same height as me so what was your starting weight. I was 17.5 :( but down to 16.6 now. My final target is 11 stone as i look skinny when i'm 11 stone x

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