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  1. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

    :eek: thought that might get your attention!!

    i never look up how many calories i burn through exercise, i just figure anything's better than nothing when it comes to losing weight.

    today, though i was curious about my swimming. i went on 4 different websites and the absolute least amount of calories i burned in my 65 mins of swimming is 750 :eek::eek::eek:

    OH MY GOD!

    i am so going to swim more! lol x
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  3. NumberOne

    NumberOne Full Member

    Wowieeee!! Thats alot! You'll be slimming quicker! Keep it up..
  4. findyfums

    findyfums Member

    wow thats better then riding a bike!!
  5. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    *wishes she has the confidence to go swimming*
  6. wannabesize10

    wannabesize10 Silver Member

    That's amazng ...:D wow sadly all my friends have kiddies hubby hates swimming i don't like to go on my own if we take kids will not get much exercise done :( ... i guess i should just go really early do a few laps seeing how many calories you can burn is too tempting !:p
  7. Alicia

    Alicia Full Member

    Gosh - you must be a good swimmer! I do 30 lengths in just over 20mins - it's a 25m pool - and I'm generally the fastest there if there aren't any lifeguards training. I think I'd slow down if I went on much after half an hour. I couldn't do 100 lengths in an hour.
  8. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

    yeh, it's weird. somehow i just have the stamina for swimming. there's no other exercise i could possibly do for more than 30 mins (bar walking/jogging outside) coz i just get so bored!

    i like how it gives me time to think.
  9. misschaplin

    misschaplin Member

    *wishes she could swim* :(

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